Wednesday, December 30, 2015


2015-12-30                                                                                     INRI

What I desire is to set the world on fire with the Holy Spirit's love, burning in each heart.

If each of you becomes a spark of that fire, it shall be in readiness for My coming.

Will the world welcome Me in Faith, with open arms, with love for each other, since selfishness is rampant among those who claim to be My followers, My Image has been tarnished indeed.

Globally there is much turmoil, war and destruction, I do not need to enlighten you to this fact, but I would like to alert you to what the media has not made news worthy and that is to the good in the world.

There are many faithful followers, that are reaching out to serve the needs of the poor and destitute, through prayer you unite with them to form a coalition for God and for good.

There is nothing that is more important in your life than having a relationship with Me, you need My Spirit living within you, directing and inspiring your actions daily.

You cannot say that you believe in God and do nothing, to believe means to act.

Daily you must surrender your will to Mine and go out seeking the poor, who are materially poor and or spiritually poor, even wealthy people may be in great poverty.

Do you seek the courage, are you afraid of what might or might not happen, I empower you as I did My cowering Apostles after My death, with the strength, determination and zeal to conquer their inhibitions.

I am Lord of weekdays not only of Sundays, I am Lord of the dark days as well as sunny days, what is your need, wherever your lack in life, I am ready to help you, I want to equip you for the things that will bring you peace and joy.

Pray, pray with your Holy Mother Mary, again She was with the Apostles preparing them to receive the Holy Spirit, the fire to set their hearts on fire to witness in the world, and thus you have believed because of them.

You cannot know even what is in your next minutes, but with Me you are a powerhouse ready for anything that Satan may hurl in your direction, for you battle against him daily.

As a plane would need lights along a runway to land, I when it is time for My return to earth, I dearly would love to see your lights burning, hearts on fire for love of Me.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015


2015-12-16                                                                                   INRI

If you would seek peace in your life, trust in Me.

In order to trust you must be willing to surrender your life in each and every circumstance, doing My Will and not your own will give the peace you desperately want and need.

You may desire to hear from Me concerning what it is that I am wanting you to do, listen as you pray and allow Me to speak to you, I will indeed speak for this is My Will for you.

Some people do all the talking, really not expecting to hear anything from Me, while others who have heard Me either ignore what I have said as being from their own thoughts, or flatly refuse to obey.

What I may ask of you is not always according to your plans or desires, but if you would do what I ask, you will benefit from the Wisdom therein.

Yes, I see your future and know you better than you know even yourself, and My ultimate aim in the end is that you join Me in Heaven when your life on earth is over.

What I may ask of you may be inconvenient at the present time or unpleasant for you in the task at hand but in trusting that I have your best interests in mind, you will profit and others as well.

Knowing that My Will is being done, you learn slowly to trust My voice more and more, nothing is impossible even as it may seem so, for the realm of miracles is at My timing and discretion.

Allow Me to use you, I want your permission to work great deeds of power among My people who are in such need, this is a time of persecution and trial that I want to counter with Faith, trust and courage.

I am lavishing My love upon you, freeing you from every kind of fear and trepidation.

I will bring you to the Cross, do not look to avoid suffering but seek to unite it with Mine, joyfully and willingly given for My Heart's intentions.

It is here that all will join you in the song of jubilant praise, for all are surrendered to My Will in the Church Triumphant, the Church Militant, and the Church Suffering in Purgatory.

Forming My Body on earth, those who have surrendered their lives to Me reap the promised peace, they live with joy and freedom even in the midst of the darkness that is ever increasing. 

You will not be overwhelmed by the world's great efforts to diminish and to destroy My Laws even as they disregard Me completely, relativism is rampant in the evil one's treachery to deceive all.

I am still in control, I am the Creator that all depend on for their very next breath, though they overlook this very fact, those who do put their trust in Me will be rewarded even here and now as peace reigns in them their hearts are Mine forever.

Thursday, December 10, 2015


2015-12-10                                                                         INRI

Upon receiving the Holy Spirit, you were given a special gift, each of you is to use your gift and not allow it to be unused, remain dormant, buried or even refused and unopened in unbelief.

Remember the parable of the talents, no one was overlooked and not given a gift which because of their ability, I had especially chosen for him, I had a plan that I wished to be fulfilled.

In this gift or many gifts, you are being made able to serve your God and your brothers and sisters, this is not primarily a gift for you, it is for the benefit of all.

Others in turn serve Me as well and serve you, this is the way of unity in My Body on earth.

All is being formulated for unity, this should give you joy as you use what is both satisfying and fulfilling to each individual as they serve.

You will have an active role as you forgive injustice done to you, and as you think of the needs of others before yourself.

My love within you, allows you to not hold grudges against another out of hurt pride and your gift shall be given to others not selfishly withheld, never will you be jealous of another's gifts.

Nor shall fear of failure enter your thoughts but calm be exhibited, for in forgetting yourself, your eyes see only My Will to be accomplished and fulfilled, for I am working in and through you.

Child, My love enfolds you, if you would only take the time to ask for My Spirit to breathe in you momentarily, peace and a realization of My closeness would be yours and tranquility ensue.

As I feed you with My very Self, you receive all of Me, you are overcoming sin daily and My life in you becomes more and more obvious.

Yes holiness in yourself becomes more visible to Heaven and to all around you, even as you are not aware of this transformation.

Humility allows you to view Me as the Greatness that I am, and the nothingness that you are, yet this does not dissuade you in anyway from complete and utter trust in My caring for you and your needs.

Because of your helplessness, I am your all in all, completely in control and I will provide for all your needs and lead you away from what is unnecessary and all that may harm you.

I will remove anything that either hinders or is useless to your Salvation and I will provide people in your life that will be both beneficial and necessary to your growth.

Your emotions may or may not be on board in any of what I am doing here, do not feel that because you do not become emotional when you think you should be, that I am not very near, only be concerned in being the most faithful follower that you can be.

Thursday, December 3, 2015


2015-12-03                                                    INRI

Fear not for I have redeemed you, I have called you by name, you are Mine, these are My Words to each of you, devour them and repeat them often.

Keep Heaven your final destination always in your mind, then doing the Will of God will be what you will always do.

I have desired closeness and intimacy with you, that I might whisper the longings of My Heart and to also hear your hopes and dreams, do not use words that have no meaning to you or to Me.

Out of love and in your best interests, I allow you to receive some criticism, some affirmation, some suffering and some joy, this makes for a well rounded individual, that I may use.

In all of this you unite with Me and receive grace that the world also receives as being in My Body.

Nourished, strengthened and fortified, I enable you to accomplish what needs to be changed in your life, and the things that need to be remedied.

I am looking for My Image to be made visible in you, in a world that only broadcasts bad news, a world that needs to be reminded of the Good News, for this I have called you out of the darkness into the Light.

Many have only darkness in their lives and need gentleness, hope and love shown to them, in order to continue and not give into despair.

No one is exempt from My using them, even those who are sick in bed have a mission and are not deemed of no use to Me.

My chosen disciples are the ones who, sensitive to the awakening of their hearts, allow Me to minister love and compassion to a hurting individual through them.

Poor and lonely they have been overlooked and passed by, a sense of loss has covered the once sparkle in their eyes, I have come now to renew the face of the earth, will you help Me?

I ask only that you be obedient to My Commandment, love as I have loved you, free of fear, or any thought for yourself, you will proceed full of joy and filled with the Holy Spirit.

You can do nothing without Me, but you are not without power, all I need is your “yes”.

With your willingness, I may then utilize My Angels and Saints to answer the prayers that are constantly presented to Me.

The world will know that you are My disciples, Christians, by your love for one another, the visible face of the invisible God.