Monday, February 24, 2014



You are the prisoner that I most want to set free today.

Some are convinced that, by forgetting Me by keeping busy in the world, or running away from their responsibilities, that they will be free from complications and obligations.

But I assure you that the opposite is true, for those who seek true freedom from oppression are already in bondage, sin has burdened them.

Come to Me, I am your freedom, Truth not more lies, for Satan has been feeding you lies, I am the Truth and I am your recovery from death.

Today, I find many youths in deep sorrow of heart, they are looking for happiness in wrong places, some through drugs, immoral living, crime even taking their own lives or the lives of others.

The pain and abuse that they observe in their lives cannot bring them the peace that they need, I am in need of parents and older adults to be their models of hope for a brighter worthwhile future.

In you they must see Me, a caring and wise leadership, willing to listen and understand, remembering what it was like to be young, here is where miracles may happen.

I have a plan, knowing each of you better than you yourselves know, it is for your welfare and joy of life.

The beauty of the earth was the dwelling into which I have placed you, to love and serve Me, but what greed and selfishness has taken place from generation to generation.

Satan has enticed you to do nothing, someone else will do it, it’s not your problem, right?

Pray and I will lead you, for some are ashamed to do good, because no one else is bothering to act, you don’t want to be the only one, you want to follow the crowd.

You have been given the grace to act, but freedom to deny or refuse has also been given to you.

But if you should courageously act, as in the good Samaritan, I will greatly increase Faith in you.

Each day Faith needs to grow in you, it will not stagnate but it is lost when it is not increasing, good works are not an option, no one is exempt.

With a growing Faith you are able to do so much more, I am able to do so much more with you.

Have I not told you that those who believe in Me would see signs and wonders, even as I use those unsuspecting Souls for miracles.

Ask Me to remove the blindness from your eyes, that you may see the goodness of others, and I will heal your humanity that only sees the faults of their neighbour.

These are the thoughts that I bless, for I love all humanity, all benefit from the graces you receive.  


Monday, February 17, 2014


When your thoughts cause you inner turmoil, in which you fear that you are not loving your God enough, take courage.

For you have surrendered your life to Me and you are holding fast to it by your every action.
Hold fast also to the very fact that I am goodness itself, and that I will never abandon any who have wholly given themselves to Me.

You have at times lost the joy, that is your inheritance through Baptism, but as you fulfill My Will the Spirit reminds you once again of that joy.

You each have a mission, a purpose for which you were created, but none can accomplish it on their own.

You will need each other, also confident trust in Me, and the means to its perfection will be persistence and patience.

It will always be My initiative that will move you and give you direction, there are so many variables that I may use during your life to bring you to perfection, the person you were created to be.

And each of My chosen people have a prestigious place in My Kingdom that has been from the beginning of time.

It is not profitable for you to be anxiously worrying about whether you are pleasing Me, only look at how you are serving and what you do for others.

When you choose to sacrifice on your own, not coerced or pressured by another, then you please Me and gain much, for I know all your motives and the love that inspired you.

The Scriptures hold the answers to the many situations that affect your lives, search with the Holy Spirit and open your hearts to prayer.

The world is quickly becoming immersed in darkness, but I am giving you sight that will enable you to be My instruments of Peace.

This is why I am preparing you now, that you may calm those who are involved in mayhem and hysteria, you will be at peace and lead them to the Light when the time has come.

You will bring them My Peace for you will be united to Me, I complete you, you are nothing without Me, remain in Me.

So together there will be nothing that will be impossible, be ready to let Me have the reins of your life today, for tomorrow is not promised to anyone, it may be too late.

Sunday, February 2, 2014


I want to prove to you that you have been walking and doing My Will, even though you sometimes doubt yourselves.

Have you noticed that you are less fearful than when you first began, when you first gave Me your life?

Second guessing yourselves, you were afraid of everyone and everything, your thoughts were on you.

Now you have confidence and trust in Me and My ways without knowing how.

Stand together around Me now, for I am on the Cross above you presently.

Unite shoulder to shoulder, reaching with one hand My feet, with the other hand reach for those family members, friends and acquaintances who do not see the need or benefit in coming to Me.

I alone know the varied reasons that have kept them from responding to My call of love.

You shall be My agents of love, mainly by your acts of kindness and allowing My love to flow through you.

Beloved children, you stand in the spray of the Blood and Water that issued from My pierced Heart, cleansing, healing and enabling you in the work of evangelizing.

On your own you will not have the power to overcome the temptation to let others do the assigned work for which I have commissioned you.

In your personal prayers, you will be energized but when you are gathered together as you are now, praising and singing, then the Father pours down blessings and graces from His coffers.

Being united with Me in doing the Father’s Will, you enter into the selfsame joy.

Joy is in some ways different than happiness which is sometimes overrated, suffering like nothing else brings about the greatest growth in your spiritual progress.

As you proceed in doing My Will to the best of your ability, be alert to this joy for it will cause you to walk with a lighter gait, your burdens having been laid down and lifted from your shoulders.

Do not persist in your blindness, for I have given you insight to discern what previously had been hidden from you, in order to benefit your fellow man.

Would I send you into the work field without the proper tools, to perform the task for which I have commissioned you?

Seek the gifts you desire, for I have already desired to give them to you, only have courage to implement them according to your station in life.