Thursday, September 29, 2016


2016-09-29                                                                                 INRI

I want to be the One Who teaches you what is true, for the world is full of falsehood, many are deceptive in their dealings, and seek prosperity only for themselves at whatever the cost.

My people have incurred injury and hurt because of the rampant sin that has darkened their lives, but I planned joy for you as you follow Me in emulating My life.

You will find that few words are needed, silence speaks volumes, and more valuable are the good works you will do in the gentle service especially to those who cannot repay.

In allowing Me to remain in you through grace, the work that you perform will be blessed by My Father, it will be humility in action, serving this way causes the evil one to flee.

He is repulsed by humility, and knows not how to combat nor cope with a person who embodies such virtue.

Detach yourselves from materialism, obtain from the intercession of the Blessed Mother, Who constantly advocates your causes, the grace of beginning to fast, denying yourself even one small thing today.

Child, you do not realize the joy and peace that will proceed from the very moment you decide for Me, that is that you say “no” to the allure of the world and say “yes” to My Will.

Your time on earth grows very short, but ultimately the choice remains yours, what is being portrayed to all is a lie and the Truth is found in everything I’ve taught.

My Blessings will be on all who will search, opening their hearts to the Scriptures, I will await you eagerly, as daily I am still in the tabernacles upon your altars, do not regret having lost the time that had been allotted to you.

You will hear Me, but you think it is your own thoughts and words, but does anything come from you of this caliber of which you hear Me speak?

For I speak softly, to your heart, I speak of My Love for you, it is not merely wishful thinking on your part, believe that I want to encourage and affirm you in these precious moments together.

Do not waste this valuable time in worldly amusements that do not bring you closer, further along the path that leads you to the Kingdom of God.

Thursday, September 22, 2016


2016-09-22                                                                              INRI

Come now to Me, secure, calm and joy filled; you who until now have been sorrowful, troubled and anxious, not able to rid yourselves of the sins on your conscience.

Your confession to Me has freed you, no longer can your misdeeds cause you remorse and unhappiness.

You have come to the fountain of My Mercy which has flooded your soul and cleansed it.

Past experiences have given way to fear and insecurity, which cause you to be operating out of fear and not the joy that I planned for you.

Do not fear that you will fall into this same tribulation, for My grace keeps you loyal and alert to the dangers that the evil one accuses you of, he who is enticing you once again has now been defeated.

I am Love, and I want you to love with this same fullness that can only be gained through forgiveness, My Love causes you to be able to forgive yourself, never again to be reminded of the past mistakes.

Poor sinners, by My Death and Resurrection, I have gained everything for you, do you not realize the gift of freedom that has been given you, who among you would not avail themselves of it.

You are no longer a captive of the evil one, he would have you believe that your addiction cannot be overcome, healed completely, but I say to you that you are free; come out of the darkness into the light.

Feed on Me, and unite with Me and others who are My faithful followers, unite with those I am sending to help you and strengthen you, you who are coming to safety through the great ordeal.

Your journey is My best for you, I have seen you through all eternity, for you are being brought from death to life.

 You are My only concern from all the world, and I desire that you not only know My Love for you but that you experience it first hand, thus you will be in My Merciful Love, a loyal friend.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


2016-09-13                                                                              INRI

These were the words they used to accuse Me, and finding no fault in Me, they searched for anything they could use against Me.

I still dine with sinners, I am their sustenance and strength, indeed, I am all they will ever need in this world and the next.

Are you aware, that when you confess carelessly and without proper means to amend or to avoid such a sin, that I am being mocked again and again, just as did the soldiers mock Me during My Passion.

I want you to come to know My deep love and acceptance of you, when you do know this great love, you will no longer be in need of seeking approval or looking to find your identity through the opinionsof others.

Your credibility is in Me, I am the One Who leads My flock to safety, I affirm you in your heart and soul, in depths no earthly being can fathom, no one can duplicate nor dare to compete.

Child, you are Mine, do not seek to find your fulfillment elsewhere, for to do so is a useless effort that I will not bless.

You have come thus far not really knowing Me, for I am Spirit, but I want to reveal to you, slowly, My power and I am allowing you to receive gifts from My Heavenly abode, to aid all who would be saved.

These gifts, unique to individuals as I choose, will convince each of you of My love and desire to use you now in these perilous days ahead, for the time has come when humanity will know I am God and they will come to know the Truth.

Even though each bears a cross of suffering in one way or another, you will be in My employ serving the many who do not thank Me for the suffering they presently endure, tell them it is out of a great wisdom and love that they do not yet perceive.

Because you yourself are suffering, you will be a credible witness to those for whom you will minister, you are to look to Me for what you need in each circumstance, a word of knowledge, insight into a past incident, I will give you anything that I may see that will bring about their conversion. 

In My Name do I send you My little flock, I am sending you like sheep among wolves, but do not fear anything, with the boldness that I am going to give you, go forth and make disciples of all nations, healing the sick and casting out demons.

Thursday, September 8, 2016


2016-09-08                                                                 INRI

As Christians your true home is not earth but in the New Heaven and New Earth.

As My creation you are made in My Image and are being thus formed even now, today, into your new citizenship of peace and love, your new identity.

Each day I provide for you new graces and blessings to further you along on your journey of being made whole, holy, all I need from you is your cooperation.

I desire that you be with Me, your peace will lie in your surrendering to the love I provide, trusting and living by this love and not worrying about the wrongs that have been done to you.

From now on, whoever comes to you, in friendship, counsel or just by chance, should not leave you as they came, but feel better about themselves, because this is what I want to accomplish through you.

You were made to love, as you forget yourself, I humble you, I make you aware that the other person is to be treated as you would serve Me, as you allow Me, I show you really who you are and what you mean to Me.

I am enlarging your capacity for courage, it is so needed in these days and also for what is about to happen, I want to be able to call upon My trusted friends in the precise moment when needed.

This is all being done in order to re-populate the New Jerusalem, the City of Peace, of which you will be one of the first inhabitants, you who are known as the remnant.

In humility, become docile to the promptings of the Holy Spirit, and you will stop judging, first yourselves and then others.

I am finding that you have judged yourselves harshly, over past failures, where in Wisdom kindness would have brought you the peace that you were seeking.

My loved ones, soon will come times that will be most difficult, unless you remain within Me and close to My dear Mother Mary, confusion will drive many to despair, they will feel as if I have abandoned them.

The evil one would want you to forsake your prayer life and believe that all your efforts were useless, but I recommend that you gather together frequently for prayer, this will strengthen and encourage all, even those who think themselves strong.

In closing, I want you to consider your sufferings as gift, do I not know how hard it is to love others, but in uniting your pain with My Passion, you gain much more graces than you would complaining, you become part of the redemption I achieved for all humanity.