Thursday, September 22, 2016


2016-09-22                                                                              INRI

Come now to Me, secure, calm and joy filled; you who until now have been sorrowful, troubled and anxious, not able to rid yourselves of the sins on your conscience.

Your confession to Me has freed you, no longer can your misdeeds cause you remorse and unhappiness.

You have come to the fountain of My Mercy which has flooded your soul and cleansed it.

Past experiences have given way to fear and insecurity, which cause you to be operating out of fear and not the joy that I planned for you.

Do not fear that you will fall into this same tribulation, for My grace keeps you loyal and alert to the dangers that the evil one accuses you of, he who is enticing you once again has now been defeated.

I am Love, and I want you to love with this same fullness that can only be gained through forgiveness, My Love causes you to be able to forgive yourself, never again to be reminded of the past mistakes.

Poor sinners, by My Death and Resurrection, I have gained everything for you, do you not realize the gift of freedom that has been given you, who among you would not avail themselves of it.

You are no longer a captive of the evil one, he would have you believe that your addiction cannot be overcome, healed completely, but I say to you that you are free; come out of the darkness into the light.

Feed on Me, and unite with Me and others who are My faithful followers, unite with those I am sending to help you and strengthen you, you who are coming to safety through the great ordeal.

Your journey is My best for you, I have seen you through all eternity, for you are being brought from death to life.

 You are My only concern from all the world, and I desire that you not only know My Love for you but that you experience it first hand, thus you will be in My Merciful Love, a loyal friend.

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