Thursday, September 29, 2016


2016-09-29                                                                                 INRI

I want to be the One Who teaches you what is true, for the world is full of falsehood, many are deceptive in their dealings, and seek prosperity only for themselves at whatever the cost.

My people have incurred injury and hurt because of the rampant sin that has darkened their lives, but I planned joy for you as you follow Me in emulating My life.

You will find that few words are needed, silence speaks volumes, and more valuable are the good works you will do in the gentle service especially to those who cannot repay.

In allowing Me to remain in you through grace, the work that you perform will be blessed by My Father, it will be humility in action, serving this way causes the evil one to flee.

He is repulsed by humility, and knows not how to combat nor cope with a person who embodies such virtue.

Detach yourselves from materialism, obtain from the intercession of the Blessed Mother, Who constantly advocates your causes, the grace of beginning to fast, denying yourself even one small thing today.

Child, you do not realize the joy and peace that will proceed from the very moment you decide for Me, that is that you say “no” to the allure of the world and say “yes” to My Will.

Your time on earth grows very short, but ultimately the choice remains yours, what is being portrayed to all is a lie and the Truth is found in everything I’ve taught.

My Blessings will be on all who will search, opening their hearts to the Scriptures, I will await you eagerly, as daily I am still in the tabernacles upon your altars, do not regret having lost the time that had been allotted to you.

You will hear Me, but you think it is your own thoughts and words, but does anything come from you of this caliber of which you hear Me speak?

For I speak softly, to your heart, I speak of My Love for you, it is not merely wishful thinking on your part, believe that I want to encourage and affirm you in these precious moments together.

Do not waste this valuable time in worldly amusements that do not bring you closer, further along the path that leads you to the Kingdom of God.

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