Thursday, October 6, 2016


2016-10-06                                                                              INRI

You will cry out to Me and I will hear you, you will seek to be relieved of your pain and therefore seek Me fervently.

I am the giver of joy and of lasting riches that for eternity will be yours, remain faithful to Me through the testing.

It is your will that I am testing, that you may be purified, do not grow discouraged as you journey in the darkness of the unknown, I will always be with you.

Though you do not see Me, you courageously carry on and do not turn back, for you have periodically been shown the light, it has propelled you when times were severely dry and devotion lacking.

Yes, My Spirit makes you comprehend that I your Master also underwent persecution in every way for love of you.

In your lowest times of disappointment, pain and sorrow, I will show Myself to you, but soon hide Myself from your view once again.

It is to increase your faith, that I proceed this way, that you be made stronger in trusting, as you run your race to the finish, you will be able to carry your cross to the end.

Continue to seek for My help, I will honour each request that will be of benefit to you, you have given Me your best in surrendering all, do not turn back be strong, you are Mine.

The Advocate will come, desire Him daily to be with you, helping you to perfection for My Glory.

You must not look to be favoured by your neighbour, this must not be your motive for advancing in holiness, nor must you seek an easier life than what has been presently given, be forever grateful.

I have gone to prepare a place for you, but you are not yet ready, do not weary in your daily walk towards paradise, surrounding you are many Saints and Angels, who are ready and available to help.

I bless you for your many efforts done out of love for Me, soon you will have revealed to you why certain things were allowed in your life, why other things were kept from you.

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