Thursday, October 13, 2016


2016-10-13                                                                          INRI

I know that in your heart you are serious in serving Me, your Lord and Savior, for I have seen your generous efforts.

I am Love, many times I have relayed these words to you, and how important it is that you understand that you cannot give what you do not have.

Because I am Love, you need to receive Me in the Holy Eucharist, so that I may fill you with the graces you will need each day.

I am completely happy and completely fulfilled in Myself, and do not need anything, and the way that you show Me love is by loving yourself as you are, and serving your neighbour as he is.

This glorifies Me, the Holy Trinity is therefore loved through your words but mostly through your good actions.

You will have peace within yourself and this generates charity towards others, and thus you walk the road that leads to eternity.

In this life you will have worries, those closest to you will inflict the greatest sorrow and pain, but do not allow your heart to be saddened.

Come to Me rather than allow your mind to race and imagine the worst of scenarios, that may or may not happen, prayer at this time will rescue you.

On earth, I modeled for you perfect obedience to the Father, as I prayed, not My Will but Thine be done, and therefore anything I allow in your life, thank Me, for nothing will be by chance.

My love for you is as great as My love for the Father, for I love perfectly and cannot love you any less no matter what.

Even if you should sin against Me, I never forsake you but eagerly await your return, for it is you who have turned your back to Me.

When you have accepted this fact of My great love for you, nothing will be impossible for you even martyrdom if you are called to it, for nothing else will matter, you’ll be Mine and I’ll be yours.

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