Wednesday, October 19, 2016


2016-10-19                                                     INRI

Is your main concern today exactly when My return will be, this fact is literally unimportant at this time to you, for your real question is am I ready Lord for your return?

Have you put any effort in putting your life in order, does peace now reign in your heart so that I may use you at will, humility is knowing that God Who loves you wants to lead you home, let Me be in control.

I am delaying My return to allow more souls to be able to reconcile with Me, they must not put off any longer engaging in the sacraments especially confession.

Dearest souls, if you but only knew with what Love I am consoling the Father in order that all would be saved.

Each one, even the yet unborn, are as precious gems, created in My Image, fitted in My Glorious Crown, no one can replace even one of My creation.

The time grows short, you are under heavy attack by the enemy, who is trying to discourage and accuse souls ever with increasing force.

But do not be afraid, with the mere mention of My Name, they flee, the Holy Rosary is another weapon which, as you intercede for others, causes him the loss of many souls regained for the Kingdom.

Remain closely united with your Heavenly Mother, She and Her Angelic Cohort have run interference for all who depend not on themselves but on Her help.

Apart from natural disasters that have been allowed, to awaken a world asleep while spiritual disasters evolve, there will be signs in the skies, and I will do anything to convince even one more person to be transformed before it is too late.

My people you must not fear anything, because the enemy will use this, he initiates these fears, you for your part must trust in My Love and be at peace.

I am forming My Kingdom now, others will notice when you act out of love in the cause for another, they will notice when you forgive instead of revenge, they will notice generosity instead of greed.

Another of the devil’s tactics is to distract you so that you pay no attention to what is truly important, the condition of your soul, and being busy that you give Me very little time if any in prayer.

Your concern should be for your soul and that of your children, your family, that they find the Truth, do not become lethargic and complacent in your efforts, for this is crucial at this time, be fervent in prayer.

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