Friday, October 31, 2014


2014-10-31                                                                                                  INRI

Fear is all around you My children but you must not accept fear, for it will render you useless to Me.

Fear is what the Evil One will use to imprison the weak and solitary Souls who do not associate with those who are united to Me.

I want to use each and every one of you, as I came to earth to unite your humanity with My Divinity.

You are not to fight temptation alone with your weak power, but with My strength in you, for I am in you and you are in Me.

Know that you are nothing and can do nothing without Me, this is your humility and your power, to be strong is to know your weakness.

All things were created for you to use, they should not possess you, you shall not abuse nature and use it carelessly for the wealth of the earth is for all My creatures.

Always be mindful of others welfare and think of yourselves least, I will inspire greatness in you to act in charity towards them.

When you act in love, you remain in My presence and are aware of My enveloping you, My favor will be felt by you and there will be a sense of well being.

Oppression and tyranny are not what I want for you, freedom to live in and atmosphere of peace and joy will be yours as I convert the world.

Yes, it will be My new springtime as I plan to bring conversion to each Soul in the whole world, it was what I had intended from the beginning.

My Kingdom here upon earth must begin in each person living harmoniously with each other, living in My love for all eternity.

I gave you to the Holy Mother that She would lead and guide you, but to do that you must be mindful of your state of littleness and be willing to be Her children.

Remain small before Me, quiet that I may speak, still and patiently wait for My instruction to you, for I will care for each of you individually as well as collectively,

you shall know in your heart when I have spoken, there you will come to know Me because I want to be known by you, and I will instruct you and no one will be able to dissuade you.

Many do not know how to find Me, prayer is the way to come to My throne as those who are not afraid to approach the One Who loves them the most.

You will ask Me for your heart's desire, for it is I Who have given it to you to ask, therefore I will hear you and surely will answer, soon your peace will motivate you to love all that I have created for it is yours and Mine.

Thursday, October 23, 2014


2014-10-23                                                                 INRI

Come and rest in Me, you who are seeking peace, it is because of your Faith in Me that you are being tempted and suffer persecution and that you also endure thoughts of doubt.

If you did not suffer these things then it should concern you, for the Evil One would be satisfied that he had sufficient control over you and what he desired to accomplish.

But you are seated with Me on high in the place of command at the Father's right hand, not for what you have achieved through your good works, but because of what I have gained for you by My Cross and Resurrection.

Your good works, though necessary and required, have not gained you this position with Me on high, it is a gift, everything that I've accomplished has been given to you and gained for you.

You will come to Me in thanksgiving, humbly adoring, for the proud and the wicked who go against the Gospel message have turned their backs to Me, you will appease Me.

I am continually forming you and drawing you through prayer, we are in a relationship, tender and affirming, always it is I Who take the initiative to encourage and strengthen our bond.

You may not always be aware of what I am doing in your life, for at times it may seem as if no progress is being made, as if your God has forgotten you and is unresponsive to your many prayers.

Nothing could be further from the Truth, for I love you beyond your comprehension, even in your sinfulness do I hold you close to My heart, it is during these times that you need Me the most that you may repent and return to Me.

Ask Me to come to you in a Spiritual Communion when you cannot receive Me in the Sacrament and patiently wait for My Spirit to direct you to go forward in your plans as I Will it, or to be still, knowing My Omnipresence is within you.  

I desire that you adore Me more, especially in these troubled times, you need to bring yourselves to reverently draw near, not only in the Church itself, but wherever you are.

Satan wants to cause confusion and panic, to frighten you in doing what you would not do in ordinary circumstances, this is not what I am leading you to do, in tranquility and peace, I will show you the way you must go.

Our relationship is ongoing and progressing, initially it was I Who pursued you until you responded to My tireless quest for your Soul and I will continue to do so.

You have only begun in your pilgrimage towards Heaven your true home, where your family and friends await you, there is nothing to fear, I will never let you wander away, this has been the Father's plan for you for all eternity, that we should be together you and I.

Thursday, October 16, 2014


2014-10-16                                                                   INRI

You will come to know My love for you through affliction for I will rescue you from harm.

There you will know that there is no other god but Me when trial and misfortune assail you, I am the God of your Salvation everything passes through My hands.

Do not look at it as chastisement for sin, but as a way, a vehicle to a path that leads to a greater understanding and knowledge of Me.

You will, in your desire to know Me better, find My closeness to you in what you suffer for this will be your greatest teacher.

I allow these things that you may not become complacent with the things of this world.

But be mindful of My great love for you My beloved children, you are ever near and never leave My thoughts.

I devise plans to bring you ever deeper into a surrendered relationship with Me, that you may enter into My resurrected life.

Yes, My resurrected life living in you will lead you to serve your brothers and sisters with confidence and total abandonment.

I will be living through you as if I were continuing as it were, to live further on earth in your person.

Will you give Me the opportunity to do so, for I long to meet the needs of many who are with you now in your family and among friends even the ones you do not yet know.

You may be the very instrument that I choose today to help the doubting one who has ceased in their progress toward Me, who has lost the zeal for life and is now searching for direction.

Some others have hidden grief that is not known to those who associate daily with them, and yet I desire to grant them compassion and comfort here and now in their misery.

And so to you My dear one, I say give thanks to Me for your affliction for it is a gift from God Himself, given to you as having been weighed for its benefits against the opposing pain and discomfort.

Praise Me today from your heart, truly wanting to unite with My sufferings endured for you, for you will then feel the weight of your burden lifted.  

I am here with you through Faith to carry the cross that I have especially chosen for you because I love you. 

Saturday, October 11, 2014


2014-10-09                                                                      INRI

What God is preparing for the world, Creation has never seen before but all has been foretold in Scripture.

Do you study and know the Word, for I can be known there, the Word is alive with instruction for your freedom.

All are seeking freedom in one way or another, from their addictions, from innumerable sicknesses, from greed of possessions for it is never enough, from illicit relationships that they are not able to leave, from the lure of monetary gain that goes beyond what is necessary for their life and on and on.

Each of you are really in search of peace of heart and of Soul, and it is for this reason that I am here to say to you that I am the answer to every need, the answer to every lonely Soul who has never felt the love of the Father or quite often never even felt the love of their earthly father.

I alone am the One to cast out doubt, to calm the fierce battle for your mind when your conscience rages relentlessly from guilt of sin.

Satan would have you believe that he has won and that it is useless to try to begin again, he tries to convince you that self ambition and gain are beneficial and most necessary if you would make it in thisworld.

You are My child and My plans for you have been from the beginning of time, they have been set in motion and are progressing according to your mission.

Never succumb to defeat even in the midst of overwhelming odds that may be set against you for you have never been left alone, not even for one second.

Mother Mary bids you carry the Rosary as a sign to the Evil One, that you belong to the Immaculate Virgin as Her servant and Her possession.

Though you cannot presently see beyond your troubles and trials, you are carrying on day by day in trust of Me, that I will bring you through every difficulty according to My Will.

Say always that you have great confidence and trust in Me and I will never allow your faith in Me to fail or allow your trust in Me to go unrewarded.

Do not fear though the very earth be shaken and though everyone around you fall, I will still be there with you through all that you will endure, to strengthen you and lead you.

When I sent out My disciples on their missions of love, to heal and to teach the Gospel, I did not send them out with any bag, or extra cloak or anything, will I not also do the same for you?

And if you now would quiet your heart, that may at times feel alarm in the midst of the chaos, listen to the still small voice, that will gently lead and instruct you in all that you need to do.

The next person that approaches you may not know My love for him, here I will allow you the opportunity to reveal My love, the words of your mouth will pour forth from a heart united to Mine.