Thursday, October 23, 2014


2014-10-23                                                                 INRI

Come and rest in Me, you who are seeking peace, it is because of your Faith in Me that you are being tempted and suffer persecution and that you also endure thoughts of doubt.

If you did not suffer these things then it should concern you, for the Evil One would be satisfied that he had sufficient control over you and what he desired to accomplish.

But you are seated with Me on high in the place of command at the Father's right hand, not for what you have achieved through your good works, but because of what I have gained for you by My Cross and Resurrection.

Your good works, though necessary and required, have not gained you this position with Me on high, it is a gift, everything that I've accomplished has been given to you and gained for you.

You will come to Me in thanksgiving, humbly adoring, for the proud and the wicked who go against the Gospel message have turned their backs to Me, you will appease Me.

I am continually forming you and drawing you through prayer, we are in a relationship, tender and affirming, always it is I Who take the initiative to encourage and strengthen our bond.

You may not always be aware of what I am doing in your life, for at times it may seem as if no progress is being made, as if your God has forgotten you and is unresponsive to your many prayers.

Nothing could be further from the Truth, for I love you beyond your comprehension, even in your sinfulness do I hold you close to My heart, it is during these times that you need Me the most that you may repent and return to Me.

Ask Me to come to you in a Spiritual Communion when you cannot receive Me in the Sacrament and patiently wait for My Spirit to direct you to go forward in your plans as I Will it, or to be still, knowing My Omnipresence is within you.  

I desire that you adore Me more, especially in these troubled times, you need to bring yourselves to reverently draw near, not only in the Church itself, but wherever you are.

Satan wants to cause confusion and panic, to frighten you in doing what you would not do in ordinary circumstances, this is not what I am leading you to do, in tranquility and peace, I will show you the way you must go.

Our relationship is ongoing and progressing, initially it was I Who pursued you until you responded to My tireless quest for your Soul and I will continue to do so.

You have only begun in your pilgrimage towards Heaven your true home, where your family and friends await you, there is nothing to fear, I will never let you wander away, this has been the Father's plan for you for all eternity, that we should be together you and I.

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