Friday, October 31, 2014


2014-10-31                                                                                                  INRI

Fear is all around you My children but you must not accept fear, for it will render you useless to Me.

Fear is what the Evil One will use to imprison the weak and solitary Souls who do not associate with those who are united to Me.

I want to use each and every one of you, as I came to earth to unite your humanity with My Divinity.

You are not to fight temptation alone with your weak power, but with My strength in you, for I am in you and you are in Me.

Know that you are nothing and can do nothing without Me, this is your humility and your power, to be strong is to know your weakness.

All things were created for you to use, they should not possess you, you shall not abuse nature and use it carelessly for the wealth of the earth is for all My creatures.

Always be mindful of others welfare and think of yourselves least, I will inspire greatness in you to act in charity towards them.

When you act in love, you remain in My presence and are aware of My enveloping you, My favor will be felt by you and there will be a sense of well being.

Oppression and tyranny are not what I want for you, freedom to live in and atmosphere of peace and joy will be yours as I convert the world.

Yes, it will be My new springtime as I plan to bring conversion to each Soul in the whole world, it was what I had intended from the beginning.

My Kingdom here upon earth must begin in each person living harmoniously with each other, living in My love for all eternity.

I gave you to the Holy Mother that She would lead and guide you, but to do that you must be mindful of your state of littleness and be willing to be Her children.

Remain small before Me, quiet that I may speak, still and patiently wait for My instruction to you, for I will care for each of you individually as well as collectively,

you shall know in your heart when I have spoken, there you will come to know Me because I want to be known by you, and I will instruct you and no one will be able to dissuade you.

Many do not know how to find Me, prayer is the way to come to My throne as those who are not afraid to approach the One Who loves them the most.

You will ask Me for your heart's desire, for it is I Who have given it to you to ask, therefore I will hear you and surely will answer, soon your peace will motivate you to love all that I have created for it is yours and Mine.

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