Thursday, November 6, 2014


2014-11-05                                        INRI

If you will accept with gratitude every opportunity and trial that I provide for your purification, you shall surely reach perfection of love.

You will be finding a knowledge of yourself and will come to know your own nothingness.

You will come to know that your very existence is a grace and that you have done nothing to deserve it, nor do you have any right, it is purely a gift.

I am Love Itself, and to come to know Me requires you to come to Love in humility that is to love yourself and to love others, this is how you will know if you do indeed love Me.

In the light of My love, your imperfections will come to light and will need to be brought to the Cross for healing.

At the foot of the Cross, My Mother awaits you also, for she will comfort and help you in your resolve.

On your own, you remain in the distress of your habitual sin, though you confess time and again, but freedom and progress is My plan for each of you, that you may overcome the sins I died for.

I want you to serve Me without this burden, this hindrance of sin that causes loss of joy and lethargy in serving as your Mission demands.

Many in the world are in danger of dying in grave sins, it is My work to provide occasions where they may realize this and repent, it is also My work to prepare you to serve in this work of Mine.

My faithful people, strive ever to love and to grow in holiness, as the time of grace diminishes daily, My cup of wrath overflows with the sins of this world.

In these days of overwhelming evil, you will accomplish your Purgatory on earth as you cooperate with penance and accept with gratitude the persecutions and hardships that will present themselves in the coming period of time set by My Father.

Mindful of your time of purification from sin, every one of you must begin anew each day with a greater fervor and a determined perseverance.

My love in you must be contagious to those you will meet, at this crucial time there will be no chance meetings, you may not have another opportunity in which to win this Soul for the Kingdom.

When your moment of judgment arrives, then all will be revealed and the many unclaimed graces and opportunities that were missed will no longer be available.

My friends and co-workers in My Kingdom, this is a new day for all who would avail themselves of the gifts and graces that are waiting to be used to win Souls, that is the lost and those who have no confidence in My love for them. 

Look up to the Cross and see My Hands open wide to receive you and all whom you will bring to Me.

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