Thursday, November 13, 2014


2014-11-13                                               INRI

My desire is that none should perish, yet I am being ignored even as I send the many signs that indicate the times that you are presently in.

The Father has allowed the Holy Virgin Mary to repeatedly appear in various places upon earth,advising My faithful followers and those seeking to amend their lives, to take seriously their heart'sconversion.

She is imploring Her children to pray more, to fast, and to repent and change their lives while it is still feasible to do so, in the wake of the chastisements awaiting this world so much in need of reconciliation.

Very soon the world as you now know it will be an unrecognizable earth, full of confusion and fear, a trembling will seize the many who are unprepared, those who have ignored the evil that has enveloped the sleeping unsuspecting multitudes.

Those who remain close to Me and to My Mother, for She will lead you in a sure path, these will be at peace who faithfully receive the Sacraments in My Church.

Remember how the Israelites were saved when the Angel of Death passed over their houses, having been instructed to paint the door-posts with the blood of the lamb, so also will you be safe as I have prepared a refuge where you will be taken in the precise timing.

Do today what you are inspired to do for the love of your neighbor, it is I Who am increasing virtue in you to love one another as the opportunity arises.

You can do more than you think you can, for I am in you to strengthen you and enable greatness in you.

If you should be chosen to die as a Martyr, your eternity will begin and it will all have been arranged, peace and joy and the courage to bring glory to God will be yours.

If you knew the greatness of My love for each of you, you would not have the least doubt concerning your future, for I hold all in My hands for the unfolding plan for My Kingdom.

Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal this love, to reveal each day a little more of the depths of knowledge in regards to the love of the Trinity for each creature made in the Image of God.

What have you to fear, when you are living as an heir to the Kingdom even now, the Saints of Heaven are not idle but are very much attuned to the miseries incurred on earth, especially concerning their loved ones and those who ask for their intercessions.

I want to encourage you to be the best that you can be, believing and trusting, being an example to those who are weaker and those who are still lingering in their undecided ramblings, they are seeking Me but have been misguided.

These are unprecedented times and I am depending on you to be at My side when the call is given and you will lead your families to safety, you are marked with the Blood of the Lamb.

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