Thursday, November 20, 2014


2014-11-20                                                                                              INRI

I am calling you, who are My faithful ones to humble yourselves exceedingly, for the reparation of the many who exult themselves before Me.

They have found no need of a Lord and Savior, in their minds all is well and everything that they desire they are able to purchase and solve any problem with money.

They do not realize the burning urgency within them that greed has enveloped their hearts, and that they are not as concerned with the welfare of others, as they think they are.

It is the plan of the devil to render as many as possible in these times, into great debt and to despair, divorce and even to the abortion of their unborn children or to euthanize parents who may be dependent on them, as they strive for more and more possessions.

They feed their greed and look away from the poor and infirm, this generation does not seek Me, for if they would, I would draw them to Myself without delay I desired to show them Mercy.

My Heart searches the earth for humility among those who follow Me, for the grievances against Me overwhelms all humanity as a whole.

Who will appease the many wounds inflicted upon My Heart, that cause weeping in the Heavenly realm, so much violence and destruction that My Father will no longer tolerate.

You who have died with Me, those who unite all their miseries and sufferings to My Passion for the Salvation of Souls, these are the ones I now call in My great need.

I am calling you because you are the ones who are listening, you are the ones to intercede for the many who do not hear because of their own willfulness.

Each day you will hear of the increasing evil being perpetrated upon the innocent and those who for My sake are being persecuted in the call of justice and Truth.

Many follow the crowd, the majority and what is popular always wanting to allow thinking that will please everyone, they believe that this is what is good but they are being lead into error.

My faithful remnant, peace will reign but first the devil must be convinced of his having won the victory over God's creation.

Then will the evil one be crushed by the Woman crowned with twelve stars, She and those consecrated to Her will be Her cohort to crush his head as it is written.

Keep your eye on the prize, the victory of God will be yours, do not get caught up in the chaos and fear of the uncertainty of your times, for your future is not uncertain who have put their Faith in Me.

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