Thursday, February 9, 2012



Do you love Me, then come humbly to the foot of the Cross.

Here is where you must begin to converse with Me.

Your heart, at the moment is like an unsettled sea, with roaring billows, I require calm.

Ask Me to calm your heart and to speak Peace to your Spirit.
Too much activity, too much talking is causing unrest in this your life with restless nights.

You need to come away to a haven of Peace and tranquility that I may transform you.

Do you also wish this change, of which I greatly desire for your growth and encouragement?

I am seeking only the best for you My child, even though you come asking for things which seem
plausible to you now, but the timing and reasonable element are lacking.

There are questions in your heart, that I Myself have placed in you, they are for your growth as I
enlighten you with the answer.

Look for the example of humility in My becoming human and in the example of the Blessed Mother also all the Saints of Heaven, none can enter without great humility.

And so you must seek this virtue above all others.

In asking the Holy Spirit for illumination, you will come to a greater appreciation of your priests, your friends and all your gifts and benefits.

So much ingratitude saddens Me, since thankfulness brings down from Heaven many blessings.

Do you know how precisely I have ordered your lives and prepared an abundance of reward for you,
even on this day and for all eternity?

Without ”alone time” with Me, I cannot and will not compete, with the world for your fleeting affection and attention, I wait patiently.

I am your God, and I will not force Myself or My love upon any one of you, for respect demands that I be worshiped and adored alone.

I wait patiently longingly, for a word or a glance, a sigh of recognition for the love I constantly pour
down upon the whole of Humanity.

Come, forgetting the past, looking forward to the joy of communion with Me, your countenance will
radiate a newness of such peace and tranquility.

When you are quiet with Me, I am anything but quiet with you.


Friday, February 3, 2012


When you know you are loved, you will come before Me, in the quiet of your heart, and I will reveal that small fault that has eluded your conscience.

Allow Me to show you just how, this little thing, which is small only in your thinking, has affected others.

I do not condemn you for your sin, only do I want you to remain at peace with Me here and now.

For the change that I want, is for you to imitate Me and in My image, serve your brothers and sisters.

Confess and allow the release of the burden to free your very soul, in order for healing to take place.

Why fear the hand that feeds you, and comforts you in all your distress?

I know that even now your joy is in the very fact that I am with you, showing you what you could not see.

In humility you now will judge things in a different light, also will you see others faults more compassionately.

Under the Maternal gaze of your Mother Mary, I will draw you closer to Myself, in order that My Will be done to transform and guide you.

If you come to know that you are loved by the Holy Trinity, everything in your life here and now will be changed.

In this knowledge, which I do want you all to have, a greater love forms your thoughts, words and actions, all because you know you are loved.

This is not just a superficial knowing, but a certainty that you belong to Me, as surely as you were the most valued Soul in the universe.

Therefore find time for Me, it is your time here that must be used with greatest Wisdom and care.

Ask that I send My Spirit to enliven the very depths of your heart toward Me, pray that change today may take place for the good of all.

Child, I love you, if you would only yield moment by moment to this fact and truly in your heart accept it, great changes would be happening in this your life.