Thursday, March 31, 2011



I will prove My holiness through you.

From all the earth I will gather My people who are faithful and I will cleanse them.

Generously from My storehouse I will prosper you not in material wealth but in virtue.

As a servant for the sake of others you will be healed of your infirmities.

I will heal disunity from among you for the life being prepared and strengthened.

A time is coming when division must come but for now learn to trust and have
confidence in your God.

I desire that you grow ultimately in a faith that you as yet do not possess.

Yes you have faith but the faith that will be required of you will be of a supernatural
nature, swift and sure in its coming through the power of the Spirit.

Have you noticed that in Scripture many times a lowly servant was chosen to serve Me.

Many Saints as well, some illiterate were asked to do what they deemed impossible.

Humility in keeping your eyes and thoughts on Me with the help of the Holy Spirit
prepares you to forget self and makes you ready to serve My Will.

When you can trust Me to take care of all your needs then you will be lead to serve.

To step out in faith is required before I will confirm it not the other way round.

Yes a time is soon coming when families will be torn apart and divided over the world’s
unrest and disunity as the anti Christ comes to bring his solution to the problems.

You must bravely adhere to the plan that I will reveal to My chosen ones who as yet are
not ready for the challenge.

But be joyful in uniting for the sake of the ones who are afraid and unsure of their future.

They need to see your confident assurance.

You yourselves must not be worried about things and events over which you have no

Remain in prayerful conversation with Me who will sustain you with My Peace.

There are so few I can depend on to do My Will in these troubled times.

Come to the well of My life giving water to refresh you and all who I will call to come to
you that you may serve and refresh them.

You are progressing in love even though you are not aware of any growth from day to
day as you go about your daily work.

Prepare to respond to an unexpected and unplanned or even humiliating request as did
Simon who was commanded to carry My Cross.

I allowed this for his benefit, even though he would realize it only after the fact.

Go now united in love and in willingness to serve your God you servants of the Lord.

You follow a God who came to serve and not to be served do the same.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011



Peace, to those who seek Me and desire to walk closer, receive My Peace.

Today I want to enlighten you as to the very journey you are now making.

It is a path especially designed for you personally which will lead you to Me, and to a
greater love for your fellow man.

Each of you on his own road but all leading to Me

Do not look to the ease or difficulty of your neighbor’s path for I alone am Wisdom and
discern the most loving and profitable way for each to reach fulfillment.

Look at the Blessed Sacrament and envision all paths leading to the Merciful and loving
Heart exposed upon your altar.

Soon you will be entering into a time of training and transformation.

Each entering when upon a sincere request, a seeking to enter into this formation, you
will be entering boot camp as it were.

My Mother is the gate, come to Her to enter in when the time is made ready for you.
You will know this in your heart.

My Mother will then be your soul teacher and model.

Ask Her to teach you meekness and humility of heart.

As I entered the womb of My Mother for a time of duration and formation, so will you
enter for a time of duration and formation in the sanctuary of My Most Sacred Heart.

There in your renewing you will be allowed to feel the pain sin causes the most loving of
Hearts and also you will experience the unconditional love I give to all My children.

During this precious time, you will be blessed with Peace as was My Mother blessed.

I listened to the comforting beats of Her Heart whispering “I love You” over and over.

Listen also to the sound from deep within you rhythmically echoing this same sentiment.

Here you are being formed as never before because of the necessity of the world’s need.

You will learn to conform to My commands without hesitation as it will at times be
demanded of necessity in the coming battle for your souls and others.

When you have been sufficiently prepared, I will release you into the world.

But as you came into My Heart one by one now you will leave united as brothers and
sisters of one Father, one team.

United in purpose and Truth lead by the sword of the Spirit and empowered by all the
Heavenly realm who are also in the battle along side of you.

No longer will you be afraid having now been fortified and armed for battle.

A battle I assure you I have won!

Go now in Peace and await what will surely be the calling of a lifetime, which you will
recognize through My inspiration. Do not doubt My Words to you.

Be patient but alert always seeking Me with a sincere heart.


Thursday, March 10, 2011



Sit at My feet little one and learn.

It is with great pleasure that I will teach you.

Sin must be eliminated from your life.

When you find that all is well with your spiritual life, you let down your guard.

There, where you least expect trouble, it happens.

You had not anticipated sin to occur but it has.

It will be that the evil one waits for the first opportunity to cause you pain and sorrow.

Tell Me immediately that you are sorry for having offended Me.

Strive for an ever deeper contrition and repentance for your every sin.

You may at this time become angry with yourself because you tried so hard to remain
holy, trying diligently not to fall again.

Do not become discouraged with defeat, it will not be won just by your efforts.

Always remember that I never condemn you only love and care for your soul.

I desire to infuse your heart with My great and all encompassing love for everyone.

You will find some are difficult to love but when you give them into My hands, you
discover a new depth of perception to their character.

Maybe it’s someone you have never even given a second glance.

Be prepared for new adventures in loving others and never be weighed down in guilt for
sin, this would render you unable to receive instruction from Me.

Admit to Me in all humility that you are weak careless and easily led astray.

I will walk closer to you then because it is only pride that drives Me away.

Can you give love when you do not feel and experience being loved unconditionally?

This is a word that is foreign to you because you are loving conditionally.

Therefore, love through Me as you will always need to do to love unconditionally.

I am preparing you to become a citizen of Heaven.

Always be mindful of this fact and ready to put others needs before your own.

Rebirth and renewal of your souls strengthens your determination and perseverance.

Many gifts have been given you and therefore seek to know and use them for they will
need to be accounted for.

Ignorance is not bliss, and nothing is hidden from Me, I know who sincerely seeks to be
used for My purposes.

Pray for one another always and in everything, giving praise and thanksgiving.

I am a loving God do not be afraid of Me for that would dishonor the Holy Trinity.

I leave you with My blessing of Peace, go into life knowing you are loved.

Forever you are My little one.


Thursday, March 3, 2011


If you have found your hearts stirred to a greater longing to be the person you were
created to be, then follow Me for it is I who am drawing you to Myself.

As I have said “I came so that they might have life and have it more abundantly.”

This conversion you may have thought was your idea but ultimately it is I who desire
more for you than you may want for yourself.
You are now entering a time of discovery.
It is a discovery of who you are and who I am in relation to the rest of your life.

O My child your life has changed and will continue to change as you modify your
behavior and attempt to control what is unlawful and against love.

What I desire is that you be transformed as to allow for Me to have your cooperation.

Release to Me the outcome of every situation.

Be amazed as you see the work of the Holy Spirit altering what seemed to be an
impossible circumstance with overwhelming odds.

When your eyes and heart have thus been opened to see what Mercy has gained and
accomplished for you, then you will have true and lasting conversion.

I am a jealous God and will have nothing separate you from Me.
No person or thing should occupy more of your time or worry you that you should not
come to Me for help or direction in its conclusion.

What interests you interests Me for I am concerned for your salvation start to finish.

I gave My very life for you, live your life for Me.

Seek once more a “soul sanctuary” where we can be together whenever you desire or
when a need arises.

Even during the duty of your day or in quiet times, it will be a renewing of your spirit.

How could you have “life more abundantly” apart from Me?

The Devil would have you believe that your happiness here and now is all that matters.

Stay in My Word and you will not stray too far.

This should be a joyful time for you as you eagerly discover new ways to grow down paths of holiness yet unstudied.

Seek the help of the angels and saints especially invoke the help of Mary My Mother.

I am breathing now new life into you through My Holy Spirit, receive the warmth of My

I your God await your love and affection, please do not delay the consolations that are in
store just for you.

Each day is a day closer to the time when you will no longer have the opportunity to help
yourself in fulfillment of what was meant to be your legacy.