Thursday, March 3, 2011


If you have found your hearts stirred to a greater longing to be the person you were
created to be, then follow Me for it is I who am drawing you to Myself.

As I have said “I came so that they might have life and have it more abundantly.”

This conversion you may have thought was your idea but ultimately it is I who desire
more for you than you may want for yourself.
You are now entering a time of discovery.
It is a discovery of who you are and who I am in relation to the rest of your life.

O My child your life has changed and will continue to change as you modify your
behavior and attempt to control what is unlawful and against love.

What I desire is that you be transformed as to allow for Me to have your cooperation.

Release to Me the outcome of every situation.

Be amazed as you see the work of the Holy Spirit altering what seemed to be an
impossible circumstance with overwhelming odds.

When your eyes and heart have thus been opened to see what Mercy has gained and
accomplished for you, then you will have true and lasting conversion.

I am a jealous God and will have nothing separate you from Me.
No person or thing should occupy more of your time or worry you that you should not
come to Me for help or direction in its conclusion.

What interests you interests Me for I am concerned for your salvation start to finish.

I gave My very life for you, live your life for Me.

Seek once more a “soul sanctuary” where we can be together whenever you desire or
when a need arises.

Even during the duty of your day or in quiet times, it will be a renewing of your spirit.

How could you have “life more abundantly” apart from Me?

The Devil would have you believe that your happiness here and now is all that matters.

Stay in My Word and you will not stray too far.

This should be a joyful time for you as you eagerly discover new ways to grow down paths of holiness yet unstudied.

Seek the help of the angels and saints especially invoke the help of Mary My Mother.

I am breathing now new life into you through My Holy Spirit, receive the warmth of My

I your God await your love and affection, please do not delay the consolations that are in
store just for you.

Each day is a day closer to the time when you will no longer have the opportunity to help
yourself in fulfillment of what was meant to be your legacy.



Abuey said...

I would like to know if the bold print and the underlined phrases are from the original message, or your initiative.

Michael Brandon said...

The bolded words are words that are searchable on the left side to find prophecies that use the same word.

The underlined sentences were mine for emphasis.