Thursday, March 10, 2011



Sit at My feet little one and learn.

It is with great pleasure that I will teach you.

Sin must be eliminated from your life.

When you find that all is well with your spiritual life, you let down your guard.

There, where you least expect trouble, it happens.

You had not anticipated sin to occur but it has.

It will be that the evil one waits for the first opportunity to cause you pain and sorrow.

Tell Me immediately that you are sorry for having offended Me.

Strive for an ever deeper contrition and repentance for your every sin.

You may at this time become angry with yourself because you tried so hard to remain
holy, trying diligently not to fall again.

Do not become discouraged with defeat, it will not be won just by your efforts.

Always remember that I never condemn you only love and care for your soul.

I desire to infuse your heart with My great and all encompassing love for everyone.

You will find some are difficult to love but when you give them into My hands, you
discover a new depth of perception to their character.

Maybe it’s someone you have never even given a second glance.

Be prepared for new adventures in loving others and never be weighed down in guilt for
sin, this would render you unable to receive instruction from Me.

Admit to Me in all humility that you are weak careless and easily led astray.

I will walk closer to you then because it is only pride that drives Me away.

Can you give love when you do not feel and experience being loved unconditionally?

This is a word that is foreign to you because you are loving conditionally.

Therefore, love through Me as you will always need to do to love unconditionally.

I am preparing you to become a citizen of Heaven.

Always be mindful of this fact and ready to put others needs before your own.

Rebirth and renewal of your souls strengthens your determination and perseverance.

Many gifts have been given you and therefore seek to know and use them for they will
need to be accounted for.

Ignorance is not bliss, and nothing is hidden from Me, I know who sincerely seeks to be
used for My purposes.

Pray for one another always and in everything, giving praise and thanksgiving.

I am a loving God do not be afraid of Me for that would dishonor the Holy Trinity.

I leave you with My blessing of Peace, go into life knowing you are loved.

Forever you are My little one.


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