Thursday, November 24, 2016


2016-11-24                                                      INRI

Pride is deceitful and skillfully hides its true identity, even as one seeks his own will to be good.

Self-conceit pits you as opposed to what others are doing, your own personal value esteemed.

One can become so intent on striving to progress in holiness in order to get it right, that you miss what it means to be poor in spirit, the welfare and holiness of others neglected, you just can’t do everything!

Seeing another succeed where you have been struggling, may lead to jealousy or envy, your peace may at this point be lost in the frustration, as you do not recognize yet the sin, dismayed you become sad.

Why has your peace been lost when you are trying so hard to accomplish your goals, to do all that God has commanded you to do in this life?

Little one, I want you to surrender to Me everything, I wish to relieve you of your burden, never has it been My desire that you carry and live under the weight of the world, as you are feeling today.

You are humanly weak and I want to be the One Who you depend on in all things, your faith must be in Me alone, not yourself, for in My Will all can be successfully accomplished.

You will have peace once again, and in humility you will not fear failure, nor the success of others.

Even as you view what you experience as a failed attempt, I may use it as potentially your greatest avenue for growth.

Open your heart to Me and I will pour forth Divine Love, enabling you to be happy even in this life.

Anytime that one gives glory to Me, Heaven rejoices and all the inhabitants of earth reap graces that flow from My abode, alternatively sin in the world also affects all in a negative fashion.

When you hear of sin or see it in action, pray for that individual or group, be poor in spirit leaving the outcome ultimately to the One Who sees all, is Wise above all Wisdom and all Powerful.

Acknowledge your helplessness, that you own nothing and that everything is a gift.

Await in faith My return in Glory, when I will once again right this world that has been turned upside down.

Thursday, November 17, 2016


2016-11-17                                                                  INRI

My Words to you are Spirit and life, as you allow them entrance into your heart, I will heal past and present wounds.

My dearest Mother Mary, Star of the Sea, She above all other methods of coming to Me, is the best and shortest and surest way to progress in the life of holiness.

As the sea brings each wave to the shore, so it will be with the souls who will entrust themselves to Her care, abandoning themselves to their Mother.

It will be as if I am waiting for each to be transported to the shore, the wave once it has reached the shore, is no more, no, each soul is consumed in Me and I in them.

These souls are never disappointed in giving their allegiance to Her, wave after wave, souls trusting in the One I also trusted in My earthly life.

I am the refuge in every storm, and the more confidence one has in Me to deliver them, the more I respond in like.

I will show My Face to those whom I choose, unexpectedly even as a consolation, though never deserved nor predicted for in humility none are deserving.

I may give you a foretaste of the glories yet to come, Eucharistic adoration will serve to bring you closer to Me, oh, if you knew the uniting of Heaven with earth during these moments, it would be beyond anything that you could imagine.

Follow Me in My Passion when you are unjustly criticized, your suffering and pain give to Me in silence, thank Me for this privilege to unite with Me.

You are in the process of growing in the ways of My Kingdom, becoming a citizen of Heaven, offer these opportunities of sacrifice for the souls in Purgatory, you are aiding in their release.

Know that each time that you have sought to come to Me, that it was at My initiative that you have come, you have responded to My Love, I was enticing you.

Do you have a problem, do not seek the advice, that is human recourse, for if I have begun a work in your life, no one will be able to stop it, remain in prayer until My Will is complete, until it is resolved.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016


2016-11-09                                                         INRI

Though you may not fully understand nor are you aware of the great battle that is ensuing about you today, you are My new covenant people, who see Me face to face at each Holy Mass you attend prayerfully.

I have begun to build My Kingdom on earth already through you, strive for holiness to a greater capacity each day, as you are receiving many graces with which to do so.

You were chosen by the Holy Trinity, you are Our choice and were created to bear much fruit for the Kingdom, co-operating with sincere hearts, you will achieve much joy and peace on your journey.

The Church is fortified, protected by Archangel Michael and all My faithful Angels, fighting for its ultimate victory until My return in Glory.

I am the Lamb that was slain for love of you, for your Salvation is revealed as you all form part of My army against the forces of evil, each time you surrender your free will, you defeat Satan’s attacks.

You strike him a deadly blow each time you prayerfully recite and meditate the Mysteries of the Holy Rosary, your Holy Mother then crushes his head and sends him defeated to the pit.

Be assured that a better world awaits those who repent and the righteous ones who have not worshiped false gods during their lives on earth.

Yet in your imperfections I give you the gift of My constant Love, with each day you may begin anew, do not accept any defeat in your lives, for forgiveness is yours for the asking.

Moreover, those who have formed attachments to this world, can be purified, set free and empowered to live lives that are transformed, given over and lived for Me.

What joy awaits My new covenant people, they draw their strength and peace from Me in the gift of the Holy Eucharist, they go forth rejuvenated and armed for each new battle day by day.

While there is still time until My Father has deemed it time for My return, I call to all in the world that has closed its ears to anything but what will currently satisfy only their base human desires.

They do not think of Me, they do not pause in their day to remember Me, nor do they think anything of their future, or where ultimately their resting place will be.

My Heart can be saddened and grieved, but I am most patient and merciful to forgive, maybe as life will be difficult and worrisome to them, maybe they will seek Me, there will one day be no recourse, no second chance once the door is closed.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016


2016-11-02                          INRI

For the sake of My Glory, I will defend My servants against evil, but will permit suffering, and dowhatever is necessary in order that each one may win their crown.

I your God, am stronger in restoring you to salvation than Satan is in keeping you imprisoned in sin.

Discouragement creeps in as a dark cloud that envelopes the person, but you are to reject this as soon as you become aware, and flee with all your might, for your strength lies not in yourself but in your faith and trust in Me.

This is never from Me, because in reality your faith and hope becomes clouded, your thoughts are other than from My Spirit, come quickly back to the Sacraments and freedom will again be yours.

I am not a vengeful God, My Love never deals in punishment but only in beneficial discipline in order to purify you, which is sometimes painful in its being administered.

My designs on your life will always be for your best outcome in each moment, take for example that an annoying, persistent little fly is bothering you at an inopportune time, thank Me, thank Me that he is not bothering the person next to you, I am ready to bless you.

Do you begin to see, that your time on earth is but a short interval, the waiting room to eternity, weigh the difference and see that you decide now to make the best use of your remaining time.

You may not have another opportunity to go the extra mile, or to put the other persons interests before your own, you do not know the day of your departure.

You have today, it is not enough to have good thoughts about what you could do, for I will help you that is I grant you every grace imaginable for your mission to be a success in the eyes of Heaven.

You will find that as you begin to undertake a good action that it will not be as difficult as you had assumed, of course you may receive some opposition from others who do not hold your values.

Show Me by loving those you can see, that you love Me, I am in the least of your brothers and sisters, even as you do anything because of your love for Me, be certain that it will not be overlooked.

Do not be dissuaded by your imperfections, your life will always be fighting against them, but be assured that your victory looms brightly in your future.