Thursday, November 24, 2016


2016-11-24                                                      INRI

Pride is deceitful and skillfully hides its true identity, even as one seeks his own will to be good.

Self-conceit pits you as opposed to what others are doing, your own personal value esteemed.

One can become so intent on striving to progress in holiness in order to get it right, that you miss what it means to be poor in spirit, the welfare and holiness of others neglected, you just can’t do everything!

Seeing another succeed where you have been struggling, may lead to jealousy or envy, your peace may at this point be lost in the frustration, as you do not recognize yet the sin, dismayed you become sad.

Why has your peace been lost when you are trying so hard to accomplish your goals, to do all that God has commanded you to do in this life?

Little one, I want you to surrender to Me everything, I wish to relieve you of your burden, never has it been My desire that you carry and live under the weight of the world, as you are feeling today.

You are humanly weak and I want to be the One Who you depend on in all things, your faith must be in Me alone, not yourself, for in My Will all can be successfully accomplished.

You will have peace once again, and in humility you will not fear failure, nor the success of others.

Even as you view what you experience as a failed attempt, I may use it as potentially your greatest avenue for growth.

Open your heart to Me and I will pour forth Divine Love, enabling you to be happy even in this life.

Anytime that one gives glory to Me, Heaven rejoices and all the inhabitants of earth reap graces that flow from My abode, alternatively sin in the world also affects all in a negative fashion.

When you hear of sin or see it in action, pray for that individual or group, be poor in spirit leaving the outcome ultimately to the One Who sees all, is Wise above all Wisdom and all Powerful.

Acknowledge your helplessness, that you own nothing and that everything is a gift.

Await in faith My return in Glory, when I will once again right this world that has been turned upside down.

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