Wednesday, November 9, 2016


2016-11-09                                                         INRI

Though you may not fully understand nor are you aware of the great battle that is ensuing about you today, you are My new covenant people, who see Me face to face at each Holy Mass you attend prayerfully.

I have begun to build My Kingdom on earth already through you, strive for holiness to a greater capacity each day, as you are receiving many graces with which to do so.

You were chosen by the Holy Trinity, you are Our choice and were created to bear much fruit for the Kingdom, co-operating with sincere hearts, you will achieve much joy and peace on your journey.

The Church is fortified, protected by Archangel Michael and all My faithful Angels, fighting for its ultimate victory until My return in Glory.

I am the Lamb that was slain for love of you, for your Salvation is revealed as you all form part of My army against the forces of evil, each time you surrender your free will, you defeat Satan’s attacks.

You strike him a deadly blow each time you prayerfully recite and meditate the Mysteries of the Holy Rosary, your Holy Mother then crushes his head and sends him defeated to the pit.

Be assured that a better world awaits those who repent and the righteous ones who have not worshiped false gods during their lives on earth.

Yet in your imperfections I give you the gift of My constant Love, with each day you may begin anew, do not accept any defeat in your lives, for forgiveness is yours for the asking.

Moreover, those who have formed attachments to this world, can be purified, set free and empowered to live lives that are transformed, given over and lived for Me.

What joy awaits My new covenant people, they draw their strength and peace from Me in the gift of the Holy Eucharist, they go forth rejuvenated and armed for each new battle day by day.

While there is still time until My Father has deemed it time for My return, I call to all in the world that has closed its ears to anything but what will currently satisfy only their base human desires.

They do not think of Me, they do not pause in their day to remember Me, nor do they think anything of their future, or where ultimately their resting place will be.

My Heart can be saddened and grieved, but I am most patient and merciful to forgive, maybe as life will be difficult and worrisome to them, maybe they will seek Me, there will one day be no recourse, no second chance once the door is closed.

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