Thursday, November 17, 2016


2016-11-17                                                                  INRI

My Words to you are Spirit and life, as you allow them entrance into your heart, I will heal past and present wounds.

My dearest Mother Mary, Star of the Sea, She above all other methods of coming to Me, is the best and shortest and surest way to progress in the life of holiness.

As the sea brings each wave to the shore, so it will be with the souls who will entrust themselves to Her care, abandoning themselves to their Mother.

It will be as if I am waiting for each to be transported to the shore, the wave once it has reached the shore, is no more, no, each soul is consumed in Me and I in them.

These souls are never disappointed in giving their allegiance to Her, wave after wave, souls trusting in the One I also trusted in My earthly life.

I am the refuge in every storm, and the more confidence one has in Me to deliver them, the more I respond in like.

I will show My Face to those whom I choose, unexpectedly even as a consolation, though never deserved nor predicted for in humility none are deserving.

I may give you a foretaste of the glories yet to come, Eucharistic adoration will serve to bring you closer to Me, oh, if you knew the uniting of Heaven with earth during these moments, it would be beyond anything that you could imagine.

Follow Me in My Passion when you are unjustly criticized, your suffering and pain give to Me in silence, thank Me for this privilege to unite with Me.

You are in the process of growing in the ways of My Kingdom, becoming a citizen of Heaven, offer these opportunities of sacrifice for the souls in Purgatory, you are aiding in their release.

Know that each time that you have sought to come to Me, that it was at My initiative that you have come, you have responded to My Love, I was enticing you.

Do you have a problem, do not seek the advice, that is human recourse, for if I have begun a work in your life, no one will be able to stop it, remain in prayer until My Will is complete, until it is resolved.

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