Wednesday, November 2, 2016


2016-11-02                          INRI

For the sake of My Glory, I will defend My servants against evil, but will permit suffering, and dowhatever is necessary in order that each one may win their crown.

I your God, am stronger in restoring you to salvation than Satan is in keeping you imprisoned in sin.

Discouragement creeps in as a dark cloud that envelopes the person, but you are to reject this as soon as you become aware, and flee with all your might, for your strength lies not in yourself but in your faith and trust in Me.

This is never from Me, because in reality your faith and hope becomes clouded, your thoughts are other than from My Spirit, come quickly back to the Sacraments and freedom will again be yours.

I am not a vengeful God, My Love never deals in punishment but only in beneficial discipline in order to purify you, which is sometimes painful in its being administered.

My designs on your life will always be for your best outcome in each moment, take for example that an annoying, persistent little fly is bothering you at an inopportune time, thank Me, thank Me that he is not bothering the person next to you, I am ready to bless you.

Do you begin to see, that your time on earth is but a short interval, the waiting room to eternity, weigh the difference and see that you decide now to make the best use of your remaining time.

You may not have another opportunity to go the extra mile, or to put the other persons interests before your own, you do not know the day of your departure.

You have today, it is not enough to have good thoughts about what you could do, for I will help you that is I grant you every grace imaginable for your mission to be a success in the eyes of Heaven.

You will find that as you begin to undertake a good action that it will not be as difficult as you had assumed, of course you may receive some opposition from others who do not hold your values.

Show Me by loving those you can see, that you love Me, I am in the least of your brothers and sisters, even as you do anything because of your love for Me, be certain that it will not be overlooked.

Do not be dissuaded by your imperfections, your life will always be fighting against them, but be assured that your victory looms brightly in your future.

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