Friday, June 25, 2010



Your love must be for Me,

I must be your God and nothing in your life shall come in priority before Me.

Come in repentance and ask forgiveness but first ask Me for the grace of true repentance otherwise remorse and guilt bring you to the sacrament only.

I desire more for you because with this grace is a conversion which is not a “once and done” but a daily conversion that brings love for Me and for your neighbor lifted to a higher degree.

Then and only then is there in your heart peace and joy, a joy that makes your life a life lived with Me.

At the sacrifice of the Mass you receive new eyes with which to see, new ears with which to hear and a greater capacity with which to love.

Oh yes, it is the same world with all its troubles and woes but you are not the same, I assure you that you cannot work up this kind or sorrow on your own but in the asking I grant to you what I most want to give you My beloved child.

This new relationship will lead to new doors being opened, for in these times there are too few who give to Me their lives surrendered.

It is through the intercession of My Mother that I want you to come.

She sits enthroned at My right hand and you are there in Me.

Be instructed in humility, obedience, gratitude and generosity for there is no greater teacher, none more worthy.

Your gathering together pleases Me, continue with much prayer encouraging each other.

Be willing to help those who are needing to be heard in their sorrow, in their pain or in their confusion.
Bring to Me all your lost and those who have strayed from the faith.

All your worry and anxiety are not what I bless, for My goodness must be realized and accepted as true.

I stand before you now and bless you with My peace, not as the World gives, but a peace that surpasses all understanding, receive now My love.

Thursday, June 24, 2010



You will be counted among the elite for I foresaw you before your creation and formed you to glorify and serve Me.

I have been for you an example.

Observe how My dying to self first in the Incarnation and Baptism by the Baptist and lastly death on the cross was seed that was sown in the ground for you.

Picture here a grain of wheat that springs forth from the ground producing many grains not unlike itself.

I was Divine and human and as you are Baptized and receive Me in Holy Eucharist you are of the new seed capable of acts human and Divine through Me.

As the new seed matures it also falls to the ground to bear fruit like the parent plant nourished by the  
Father as He prepares all that you need in order to do more than survive but bear much fruit according to what is His Divine Will.

Nature teaches us many valuable lessons if you allow My Spirit and Holy Mother an opportunity to teach and grow you in My Ways.

Speak to Me in your own words, speak as if you expect to hear Me respond, I am here and want so very much to be a close and respected friend.

As you view an icon of Myself or My Blessed Mother reverence My presence for I am near.

I offer you love in exchange for praise, sentiments of adoration and sorrow for sin.

Peace and joy will emanate from your countenance as more and more you remain with Me even in your labors.

Do not seek always the quietness or solitude of being with Me for I require that you be available for My use in the most unlikely moments of your day.

All has been prepared, do not be caught unaware, be always in a state of grace ready to receive My inspiration and instruction.

There may be occasions when in the quiet of the night I will rouse you from sleep. . ...come to Me, I long for the intimacy of your company.

This sacrifice of sleep will be rewarded as your love for Me deepens and grace for greater triumphs against temptations is being accomplished.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

There ls A Way Of Life


Many will perish because of their forgetfulness and neglect in thankfulness for their redemption.

Strive for holiness and do more than what is expected of you especially if that person has done you wrong.

You are the ones whom Love has purchased at such a high price and love is required of you in return.

Without love for your Lord all effort in this mortal life is insignificant.

All worship and obedience must have love as its reason of accomplishment or else it is self being manifested.

There is no more time to be lost and wasted because each moment souls are being damned in this frivolity of life.

Yes there is pleasure and beauty in this world but only when My honor and glory are being praised.

Selfishness and greed are rampant today and those who practice deceit and crimes against their neighbor will never enter into the new kingdom.

Reveal Truth to your loved ones and do not remain silent any longer for love of them and for love of Me demands it.

You will lovingly by example be another Me for them.

Nothing of preaching will penetrate an otherwise self-centered worldly child bent on destruction and open to the evil ones wiles.

As you remain in Me and allow the power of the Holy Spirit to move you and speak through you in each situation, you will see faith move mountains.

You will see miracles and the impossible made possible.

Believe in Me and allow what is to be accomplished now to reach its fulfillment through the working of My Father’s hand.

Grace abounds in the person who prays and intercedes for all the needy souls.

I came to show you a way of life foreign to the world but not unknown to you who are My predestined.

Do not presume anything but be vigilant especially because you are Mine and Satan most certainly has targeted you because of the souls saved by your works of sacrifice and prayers of intercession.

Thursday, June 10, 2010



No fear shall come into your being for I have covered you with My Blood, the Blood of the everlasting Covenant.

You are held in My Father’s arms, close to My Heart and sheltered by the wings of the Holy Spirit.

No longer will you consider the desires of man but only to please your God. Looking up for My approval only, forgetting opposition to what I propose to you without your questioning.

Blindly and with full confidence as did My first apostles, after My Ascension,  not looking to see the end results, as if you could determine the outcome, but only looking to being united with Me in the Divine Will, moment by moment.

I want you to ask permission of My Blessed Mother for all work you intend to do.

As She grants acceptance bring your grateful thanks to Me.

If the request is not responded to repeatedly so, I Myself intend to assist you with direction and grace.

Be patient and prayerful for the unraveling of My plan.

Keep always in the for front of your thoughts that My love for you is great beyond anything imagined and My Mercy and forgiveness closer than your next breath.

What more can be said to assure you that what you begin to form now in praise and thanksgiving is preparatory for the next life which you now enter when living becomes a life lived in Me?

This world no longer has any hold on you as it once did.

The person you were no longer exists as each moment you surrender to the faith created from the beginning takes root and begins to bear fruit as I have long intended for you.

As My Holy Spirit breathes life into you, daily inspiring acts you never dreamed of performing, directs you into a deeper walk with your Lord and Savior you are moved to thankfulness and gratitude for the least favor done by God and others.

Every prayer uttered in humility, in suffering and done in an effort to do good, I will hear and answer, draw near to the Heart that loves you.