Thursday, June 10, 2010



No fear shall come into your being for I have covered you with My Blood, the Blood of the everlasting Covenant.

You are held in My Father’s arms, close to My Heart and sheltered by the wings of the Holy Spirit.

No longer will you consider the desires of man but only to please your God. Looking up for My approval only, forgetting opposition to what I propose to you without your questioning.

Blindly and with full confidence as did My first apostles, after My Ascension,  not looking to see the end results, as if you could determine the outcome, but only looking to being united with Me in the Divine Will, moment by moment.

I want you to ask permission of My Blessed Mother for all work you intend to do.

As She grants acceptance bring your grateful thanks to Me.

If the request is not responded to repeatedly so, I Myself intend to assist you with direction and grace.

Be patient and prayerful for the unraveling of My plan.

Keep always in the for front of your thoughts that My love for you is great beyond anything imagined and My Mercy and forgiveness closer than your next breath.

What more can be said to assure you that what you begin to form now in praise and thanksgiving is preparatory for the next life which you now enter when living becomes a life lived in Me?

This world no longer has any hold on you as it once did.

The person you were no longer exists as each moment you surrender to the faith created from the beginning takes root and begins to bear fruit as I have long intended for you.

As My Holy Spirit breathes life into you, daily inspiring acts you never dreamed of performing, directs you into a deeper walk with your Lord and Savior you are moved to thankfulness and gratitude for the least favor done by God and others.

Every prayer uttered in humility, in suffering and done in an effort to do good, I will hear and answer, draw near to the Heart that loves you.


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