Thursday, June 17, 2010

There ls A Way Of Life


Many will perish because of their forgetfulness and neglect in thankfulness for their redemption.

Strive for holiness and do more than what is expected of you especially if that person has done you wrong.

You are the ones whom Love has purchased at such a high price and love is required of you in return.

Without love for your Lord all effort in this mortal life is insignificant.

All worship and obedience must have love as its reason of accomplishment or else it is self being manifested.

There is no more time to be lost and wasted because each moment souls are being damned in this frivolity of life.

Yes there is pleasure and beauty in this world but only when My honor and glory are being praised.

Selfishness and greed are rampant today and those who practice deceit and crimes against their neighbor will never enter into the new kingdom.

Reveal Truth to your loved ones and do not remain silent any longer for love of them and for love of Me demands it.

You will lovingly by example be another Me for them.

Nothing of preaching will penetrate an otherwise self-centered worldly child bent on destruction and open to the evil ones wiles.

As you remain in Me and allow the power of the Holy Spirit to move you and speak through you in each situation, you will see faith move mountains.

You will see miracles and the impossible made possible.

Believe in Me and allow what is to be accomplished now to reach its fulfillment through the working of My Father’s hand.

Grace abounds in the person who prays and intercedes for all the needy souls.

I came to show you a way of life foreign to the world but not unknown to you who are My predestined.

Do not presume anything but be vigilant especially because you are Mine and Satan most certainly has targeted you because of the souls saved by your works of sacrifice and prayers of intercession.

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