Thursday, June 24, 2010



You will be counted among the elite for I foresaw you before your creation and formed you to glorify and serve Me.

I have been for you an example.

Observe how My dying to self first in the Incarnation and Baptism by the Baptist and lastly death on the cross was seed that was sown in the ground for you.

Picture here a grain of wheat that springs forth from the ground producing many grains not unlike itself.

I was Divine and human and as you are Baptized and receive Me in Holy Eucharist you are of the new seed capable of acts human and Divine through Me.

As the new seed matures it also falls to the ground to bear fruit like the parent plant nourished by the  
Father as He prepares all that you need in order to do more than survive but bear much fruit according to what is His Divine Will.

Nature teaches us many valuable lessons if you allow My Spirit and Holy Mother an opportunity to teach and grow you in My Ways.

Speak to Me in your own words, speak as if you expect to hear Me respond, I am here and want so very much to be a close and respected friend.

As you view an icon of Myself or My Blessed Mother reverence My presence for I am near.

I offer you love in exchange for praise, sentiments of adoration and sorrow for sin.

Peace and joy will emanate from your countenance as more and more you remain with Me even in your labors.

Do not seek always the quietness or solitude of being with Me for I require that you be available for My use in the most unlikely moments of your day.

All has been prepared, do not be caught unaware, be always in a state of grace ready to receive My inspiration and instruction.

There may be occasions when in the quiet of the night I will rouse you from sleep. . ...come to Me, I long for the intimacy of your company.

This sacrifice of sleep will be rewarded as your love for Me deepens and grace for greater triumphs against temptations is being accomplished.


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