Thursday, June 3, 2010



You have approached My table with such love in your heart and anticipation of the union of humanity and Divinity at the Eucharist.

Angels serenade the joining of God and man in you though unseen and virtually unfelt. I call each of you, as in Scripture, I called Zachaeus from the tree and dined with him.

I called the blind man to come to Me and asked him “what do you want?” He answered “I want to see”, I healed him and I want to heal and answer you.

My Resurrection was for you to give to you new life that what was sin and death might be left behind.

I have made you a new creation in thought word and deed, you must put on Christ.

Love must be your aim, forgiveness and charity for all.

The evil one seeks to destroy this world especially families beginning with marriages, and youths with materialism and mind altering drugs.

Even silence with which to unite your thoughts with Mine has been destroyed with so much noise and busyness.

I am not defeated, place your hope and trust in Me.

As you continue to pray through the Immaculate Heart of Mary with the Rosary for your families, you will obtain victory.

Be persistent in prayer and begin to live with the joy of knowing the salvation of your loved ones is assured.

You have responded to Me and because of your gracious obedience you and those whom you hold dear will be with Me for all eternity.

Evangelize those who are defeated in thought by their past sins holding them captive, keeping them from being of use to Me and others.

You have been set free, teach others as you continue to grow in faith and love.

Do not linger yourselves in your daily failures but run quickly to confess and be refreshed in My arms once again.

Mercy and grace abound for love of you for there is unlimited forgiveness, oceans of love for all whom I prepare to serve in the power of My Holy Spirit.

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