Friday, June 25, 2010



Your love must be for Me,

I must be your God and nothing in your life shall come in priority before Me.

Come in repentance and ask forgiveness but first ask Me for the grace of true repentance otherwise remorse and guilt bring you to the sacrament only.

I desire more for you because with this grace is a conversion which is not a “once and done” but a daily conversion that brings love for Me and for your neighbor lifted to a higher degree.

Then and only then is there in your heart peace and joy, a joy that makes your life a life lived with Me.

At the sacrifice of the Mass you receive new eyes with which to see, new ears with which to hear and a greater capacity with which to love.

Oh yes, it is the same world with all its troubles and woes but you are not the same, I assure you that you cannot work up this kind or sorrow on your own but in the asking I grant to you what I most want to give you My beloved child.

This new relationship will lead to new doors being opened, for in these times there are too few who give to Me their lives surrendered.

It is through the intercession of My Mother that I want you to come.

She sits enthroned at My right hand and you are there in Me.

Be instructed in humility, obedience, gratitude and generosity for there is no greater teacher, none more worthy.

Your gathering together pleases Me, continue with much prayer encouraging each other.

Be willing to help those who are needing to be heard in their sorrow, in their pain or in their confusion.
Bring to Me all your lost and those who have strayed from the faith.

All your worry and anxiety are not what I bless, for My goodness must be realized and accepted as true.

I stand before you now and bless you with My peace, not as the World gives, but a peace that surpasses all understanding, receive now My love.

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