Thursday, December 25, 2014


2014-12-25                                                            INRI

I was born of' the virgin Mary but I wish to be reborn in each of you today.

Do you not realize now that you are in Me and I am in you, you have not truly been aware of this fact until now, not truly, meditate on these things and My Spirit will enlighten you.

Have you tried earnestly to do My Will and failed time and again, you must surrender all to Me now, for it is not in striving that you will succeed but in surrendering all of yourself to Me.

When I walked the earth, My greatest desire was to constantly fulfill the Father's Will, I did nothing on My own, now I wish to continue in this mandate and live on in you on earth as it is in Heaven.

I was crucified and died but I am resurrected and wish to live this resurrected life through you, desire this also for love of Me.

Say always, 'I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me' in this way you surrender yourself completely to Me.

Slowly your fear in the world will dissipate, you will no longer be afraid of people for I love them and you will love them to.

Living in Me do not be surprised if you are rejected as they rejected Me, you will take solace in this for there is nothing that will be done to you that I have not allowed as beneficial to you or to others.

I have overcome the world, you also will sit with Me on high at the Father's right hand for all eternity.

Though heroic feats will not always be on the agenda, do not shrink from a request to do so, only be available to Me when an occasion should arise, you do not know when history may hinge on a certain action, may I use you in these uncertain times?

Let your joy of serving Me be apparent, evidence of love in your hearts My dear ones, for I am constantly smiling at each of you, you are My joy since I am your heart's treasure.

You are not yet aware of the greatest reward that will await you in the paradise I've created for My faithful followers, you will toil with your hands and the sweat of your brow, but the fruit you will produce and the harvest will be My accomplishment and My responsibility.

Do not be afraid of suffering, indeed accept it with joy, for you have it not out of My displeasure but on the contrary, you share in the suffering of My Passion and are identifying with Me.

Unite yourselves in My honor and constantly be mindful of My presence in you for it will avert evil desires and inspire goodness towards others whom you might otherwise overlook.

I am looking for those who in simplicity are seeking only to do for love of Me the desire and Will of My Father, this is primarilly for the Salvation of Souls.

Thursday, December 18, 2014


2014-12-18                                                        INRI

Have confidence in the God you serve, I know well when you sit and when you stand, I also know what you fear, only fear the Lord your God.

Keep your thoughts aligned with your Faith in Me, and do not doubt for I your God am mighty in power and deed.

I may ask you to go to a place where you have never gone before, I will lead you without any concern, for I have been forming you in readiness of this opportunity, I need only your consent.

Someone may be in need of your assistance, this person or persons may be crying out to Me for help at this dire moment, be willing to cooperate with all your being.

In order that I may use you, make yourself available, ready at a moments notice to comfort or help in any way necessary, in any case pray My Divine Mercy for them.

You may picture Me as a lighthouse for this example, you are the prism glass surrounding My light, but if your glass is soiled My light cannot be a beacon of hope or help to anyone in danger.

This world has become a tempest storm on a raging sea, there are treacherous rocks claiming unsuspecting victims lives, these are My people whom I love equally as I love you.

What will make your prism glass clear and sparkling, only repentance My forgiveness, that My light may shine brilliantly in this darkened night of Souls, I am seeking those who are yet unaware of the peril of their eternal lives.

Many will be drawn to the light when they become desperate and lost, you who are My faithful, who remain in the Holy Church, you will be My instruments of peace and encouragement.

This is where they will be fed and counseled for many have been lead astray, believing that this world was for their enjoyment and pleasures, they have rejected the cross in all it's facets.

I am the Way and it does involve the carrying of the cross, no one will be exempt as they follow Me, but they do not carry it alone for I along with them enable all with grace and strength.

Each and everyday I supply a multitude of graces to each person, but if they are not in the state of grace, they are not in a position to receive them.

These graces will go to others for My Heart burns with love to fulfill all My Father's desires even here upon your earth.

Do as I have commanded you and receive all that has been planned for you, I am doing a work in you that will give joy to your whole being, a peace that will draw to you the downhearted Souls who are desperately seeking Me.

Thursday, December 11, 2014


2014-12-11                                           INRI

You are tired My beloved and your strength diminished, but you must be renewed in your mind, in your heart and your whole being.

Your mission is not yet complete and you must be revived in Me, take anew the breath of My Spirit and reclaim the vitality of youth once again in your resolve.

Take a look once again at the progress you have made in your virtues, yes, without your realizing it I have accomplished it in you for My own glory and use.

In My love for you I have disciplined when necessity warranted it and you have been freed and purified from your sins and thus you have grown.

I take delight in your progress and you also must take joy in this accomplishment, because as you continue in your walk you serve now instinctively.

Those around you are finding their joy in the way that you are giving of your time and talents for love of Me.

You are in the world but not of the world for you are being taught to serve at the hands of My Blessed Mother Herself.

She is bringing you methodically and coordinating you into an army winning Souls for My Kingdom, and the weapon most effective to the wiles of the devil is the Rosary.

These are perilous times and yet the world sleeps, unknowingly it slips into oblivion of these evil schemes, that prey upon this hedonistic society at large.

You My people, though you are Mine, you must fight not to be swallowed up, sucked into the spiral of complacency, majority thinking and crowd pleasing apathy.

The Church must be guarded against heresy and liberal theology, pray for the Church hierarchy and for the leadership of the Pope to remain firm in his convictions.

Do not be alarmed, I am here to guide and instruct you, it will not be left to chance what you must do.

I do not play games with you My people, I will lead you and strengthen the weak until all My Father's Will is complete, His plan fully realized.

Thursday, December 4, 2014


2014-12-04                                                                                         INRI

Come journey with Me and I will lead you to a life you've never even dreamed of, a life that will transform everything even here and now.

When you first began to pray, I wanted you to hunger for Me, I wanted you to show Me and to prove to yourself that it was God that you were truly seeking, that is with your whole heart and Soul.

During these times of prayer, your mind often wandered but you continued to seek Me, for I had promised that if you would seek Me that you would indeed find Me.

I noticed that your thoughts became more refined as you meditated on the mysteries of the Rosary and even when your thoughts lingered viewing an image of Me on the cross.

You quieted your Spirit in order to hear My first words to you and oh, how thrilled you were to discover My love for you personally, that I cared for you and it was then that you gave Me your heart.

You struggled to keep your thoughts stationed on your prayers and asked My Holy Spirit to enlighten your understanding of both what to pray and the meaning of Sacred Scripture in order to know your Savior to a greater depth.

My loved ones, it was necessary that you labour in your efforts to draw near to Me, anything less would not have gained for you the virtue and strength of conviction you've attained.

Our relationship is ongoing and must never be taken for granted, I am living in you and care about every aspect of your life, but it is time now for you to sit at My feet and be taught.

Here I will transform and mold you, submit to Me as soft clay in My hands, releasing the control of your life and all that has made you vulnerable in this world.

I know My little one how much courage it is taking for you to put all your confidence and trust in Me, what seems incredible and impossible to the mind is a step that is preparing you for My Kingdom.

You will not be concerned whether you serve Me on earth or Heaven for doing My Will is all that will be your goal in the time allotted to you.

This will be a gift, no striving can procure it, only be patient with My timing and the resolve to secure what is in your best interest, be ready to follow My lead, I have arranged all for you.

Do not question what seems to be adverse to you for My Will may surprise you, I am only looking for your acceptance in response, do not fail the test but advance in holiness and virtue.

I am asking you to sit at My feet now, you have done many toilsome years towards our relationship and some of you are ready for the next step.

In the coming times there will be occasions when sitting at My feet will be your only recourse, come now rest in Me awhile, for what is happening in the world today is wounding My heart greatly and I delight in the comfort of your love. 

Monday, November 24, 2014


2014-11-24                                                         INRI

Live not beneath the weight of the cross but live the resurrected life I have prepared for you.

When I Ascended into Heaven, I promised that the Father would send another Advocate, that He would lead you into all Truth and He would remind you of all that I had taught.

Now you must enter into the life of the Spirit with the power given to you from on high.

Even though My people are living with suffering and trials, they need not bear the condemnation that I endured for their sins for they are forgiven, I have opened for them the gates of Heaven.

Bind your minds to Mine and the weight will be lifted, you are thus uniting all suffering, trials and pain  with My Passion and death for the Salvation of others.

There are miracles to be had, you are not to decide who is a candidate or who is not, for My Wisdom is beyond your comprehension or understanding.

There are times when suffering brings about their conversion or the conversion of others who will suffer in caring for them, there will be so many variations, too many to mention now, only trust in My love.

Your God is love and the Trinity infinite in It's nature, all knowing and majestic wanting for nothing, and yet desiring love from the created beings of earth.

Do not live as if you are burdened beneath your cross, but become empowered by it, for no one is without a cross to bear who follow Me.

You must live from now on in the joy of the Resurrection, breathing in the breath of the Spirit, and be set free from fear and sadness that may diminish your ability to serve others.

Wherever you are and whatever your circumstance praise Me in the acceptance of My perfect Will, in this way you obtain grace that would otherwise be forfeited, your mission in life hindered.

Do not lose sight of My presence for I possess you and you Me, what greater joy must you therefore seek in order to live unburdened in the fulfillment of the plans of your Creator.

Who can harm you, you know your destination, the way is through Me and fear must flee from you in My presence.

Yes, you are blind because of sin in your life, and I know that most times you do not hear Me, but be assured I am always with you, be at peace, receive My peace and give this same peace to those you meet.  

I have called you to a resurrected life that gives joy to those around you as well, the world will benefit from the prayers you will offer, there is a great need to pray for those in leadership both in the Church and in the Country at large.

Thursday, November 20, 2014


2014-11-20                                                                                              INRI

I am calling you, who are My faithful ones to humble yourselves exceedingly, for the reparation of the many who exult themselves before Me.

They have found no need of a Lord and Savior, in their minds all is well and everything that they desire they are able to purchase and solve any problem with money.

They do not realize the burning urgency within them that greed has enveloped their hearts, and that they are not as concerned with the welfare of others, as they think they are.

It is the plan of the devil to render as many as possible in these times, into great debt and to despair, divorce and even to the abortion of their unborn children or to euthanize parents who may be dependent on them, as they strive for more and more possessions.

They feed their greed and look away from the poor and infirm, this generation does not seek Me, for if they would, I would draw them to Myself without delay I desired to show them Mercy.

My Heart searches the earth for humility among those who follow Me, for the grievances against Me overwhelms all humanity as a whole.

Who will appease the many wounds inflicted upon My Heart, that cause weeping in the Heavenly realm, so much violence and destruction that My Father will no longer tolerate.

You who have died with Me, those who unite all their miseries and sufferings to My Passion for the Salvation of Souls, these are the ones I now call in My great need.

I am calling you because you are the ones who are listening, you are the ones to intercede for the many who do not hear because of their own willfulness.

Each day you will hear of the increasing evil being perpetrated upon the innocent and those who for My sake are being persecuted in the call of justice and Truth.

Many follow the crowd, the majority and what is popular always wanting to allow thinking that will please everyone, they believe that this is what is good but they are being lead into error.

My faithful remnant, peace will reign but first the devil must be convinced of his having won the victory over God's creation.

Then will the evil one be crushed by the Woman crowned with twelve stars, She and those consecrated to Her will be Her cohort to crush his head as it is written.

Keep your eye on the prize, the victory of God will be yours, do not get caught up in the chaos and fear of the uncertainty of your times, for your future is not uncertain who have put their Faith in Me.

Thursday, November 13, 2014


2014-11-13                                               INRI

My desire is that none should perish, yet I am being ignored even as I send the many signs that indicate the times that you are presently in.

The Father has allowed the Holy Virgin Mary to repeatedly appear in various places upon earth,advising My faithful followers and those seeking to amend their lives, to take seriously their heart'sconversion.

She is imploring Her children to pray more, to fast, and to repent and change their lives while it is still feasible to do so, in the wake of the chastisements awaiting this world so much in need of reconciliation.

Very soon the world as you now know it will be an unrecognizable earth, full of confusion and fear, a trembling will seize the many who are unprepared, those who have ignored the evil that has enveloped the sleeping unsuspecting multitudes.

Those who remain close to Me and to My Mother, for She will lead you in a sure path, these will be at peace who faithfully receive the Sacraments in My Church.

Remember how the Israelites were saved when the Angel of Death passed over their houses, having been instructed to paint the door-posts with the blood of the lamb, so also will you be safe as I have prepared a refuge where you will be taken in the precise timing.

Do today what you are inspired to do for the love of your neighbor, it is I Who am increasing virtue in you to love one another as the opportunity arises.

You can do more than you think you can, for I am in you to strengthen you and enable greatness in you.

If you should be chosen to die as a Martyr, your eternity will begin and it will all have been arranged, peace and joy and the courage to bring glory to God will be yours.

If you knew the greatness of My love for each of you, you would not have the least doubt concerning your future, for I hold all in My hands for the unfolding plan for My Kingdom.

Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal this love, to reveal each day a little more of the depths of knowledge in regards to the love of the Trinity for each creature made in the Image of God.

What have you to fear, when you are living as an heir to the Kingdom even now, the Saints of Heaven are not idle but are very much attuned to the miseries incurred on earth, especially concerning their loved ones and those who ask for their intercessions.

I want to encourage you to be the best that you can be, believing and trusting, being an example to those who are weaker and those who are still lingering in their undecided ramblings, they are seeking Me but have been misguided.

These are unprecedented times and I am depending on you to be at My side when the call is given and you will lead your families to safety, you are marked with the Blood of the Lamb.

Thursday, November 6, 2014


2014-11-05                                        INRI

If you will accept with gratitude every opportunity and trial that I provide for your purification, you shall surely reach perfection of love.

You will be finding a knowledge of yourself and will come to know your own nothingness.

You will come to know that your very existence is a grace and that you have done nothing to deserve it, nor do you have any right, it is purely a gift.

I am Love Itself, and to come to know Me requires you to come to Love in humility that is to love yourself and to love others, this is how you will know if you do indeed love Me.

In the light of My love, your imperfections will come to light and will need to be brought to the Cross for healing.

At the foot of the Cross, My Mother awaits you also, for she will comfort and help you in your resolve.

On your own, you remain in the distress of your habitual sin, though you confess time and again, but freedom and progress is My plan for each of you, that you may overcome the sins I died for.

I want you to serve Me without this burden, this hindrance of sin that causes loss of joy and lethargy in serving as your Mission demands.

Many in the world are in danger of dying in grave sins, it is My work to provide occasions where they may realize this and repent, it is also My work to prepare you to serve in this work of Mine.

My faithful people, strive ever to love and to grow in holiness, as the time of grace diminishes daily, My cup of wrath overflows with the sins of this world.

In these days of overwhelming evil, you will accomplish your Purgatory on earth as you cooperate with penance and accept with gratitude the persecutions and hardships that will present themselves in the coming period of time set by My Father.

Mindful of your time of purification from sin, every one of you must begin anew each day with a greater fervor and a determined perseverance.

My love in you must be contagious to those you will meet, at this crucial time there will be no chance meetings, you may not have another opportunity in which to win this Soul for the Kingdom.

When your moment of judgment arrives, then all will be revealed and the many unclaimed graces and opportunities that were missed will no longer be available.

My friends and co-workers in My Kingdom, this is a new day for all who would avail themselves of the gifts and graces that are waiting to be used to win Souls, that is the lost and those who have no confidence in My love for them. 

Look up to the Cross and see My Hands open wide to receive you and all whom you will bring to Me.

Friday, October 31, 2014


2014-10-31                                                                                                  INRI

Fear is all around you My children but you must not accept fear, for it will render you useless to Me.

Fear is what the Evil One will use to imprison the weak and solitary Souls who do not associate with those who are united to Me.

I want to use each and every one of you, as I came to earth to unite your humanity with My Divinity.

You are not to fight temptation alone with your weak power, but with My strength in you, for I am in you and you are in Me.

Know that you are nothing and can do nothing without Me, this is your humility and your power, to be strong is to know your weakness.

All things were created for you to use, they should not possess you, you shall not abuse nature and use it carelessly for the wealth of the earth is for all My creatures.

Always be mindful of others welfare and think of yourselves least, I will inspire greatness in you to act in charity towards them.

When you act in love, you remain in My presence and are aware of My enveloping you, My favor will be felt by you and there will be a sense of well being.

Oppression and tyranny are not what I want for you, freedom to live in and atmosphere of peace and joy will be yours as I convert the world.

Yes, it will be My new springtime as I plan to bring conversion to each Soul in the whole world, it was what I had intended from the beginning.

My Kingdom here upon earth must begin in each person living harmoniously with each other, living in My love for all eternity.

I gave you to the Holy Mother that She would lead and guide you, but to do that you must be mindful of your state of littleness and be willing to be Her children.

Remain small before Me, quiet that I may speak, still and patiently wait for My instruction to you, for I will care for each of you individually as well as collectively,

you shall know in your heart when I have spoken, there you will come to know Me because I want to be known by you, and I will instruct you and no one will be able to dissuade you.

Many do not know how to find Me, prayer is the way to come to My throne as those who are not afraid to approach the One Who loves them the most.

You will ask Me for your heart's desire, for it is I Who have given it to you to ask, therefore I will hear you and surely will answer, soon your peace will motivate you to love all that I have created for it is yours and Mine.

Thursday, October 23, 2014


2014-10-23                                                                 INRI

Come and rest in Me, you who are seeking peace, it is because of your Faith in Me that you are being tempted and suffer persecution and that you also endure thoughts of doubt.

If you did not suffer these things then it should concern you, for the Evil One would be satisfied that he had sufficient control over you and what he desired to accomplish.

But you are seated with Me on high in the place of command at the Father's right hand, not for what you have achieved through your good works, but because of what I have gained for you by My Cross and Resurrection.

Your good works, though necessary and required, have not gained you this position with Me on high, it is a gift, everything that I've accomplished has been given to you and gained for you.

You will come to Me in thanksgiving, humbly adoring, for the proud and the wicked who go against the Gospel message have turned their backs to Me, you will appease Me.

I am continually forming you and drawing you through prayer, we are in a relationship, tender and affirming, always it is I Who take the initiative to encourage and strengthen our bond.

You may not always be aware of what I am doing in your life, for at times it may seem as if no progress is being made, as if your God has forgotten you and is unresponsive to your many prayers.

Nothing could be further from the Truth, for I love you beyond your comprehension, even in your sinfulness do I hold you close to My heart, it is during these times that you need Me the most that you may repent and return to Me.

Ask Me to come to you in a Spiritual Communion when you cannot receive Me in the Sacrament and patiently wait for My Spirit to direct you to go forward in your plans as I Will it, or to be still, knowing My Omnipresence is within you.  

I desire that you adore Me more, especially in these troubled times, you need to bring yourselves to reverently draw near, not only in the Church itself, but wherever you are.

Satan wants to cause confusion and panic, to frighten you in doing what you would not do in ordinary circumstances, this is not what I am leading you to do, in tranquility and peace, I will show you the way you must go.

Our relationship is ongoing and progressing, initially it was I Who pursued you until you responded to My tireless quest for your Soul and I will continue to do so.

You have only begun in your pilgrimage towards Heaven your true home, where your family and friends await you, there is nothing to fear, I will never let you wander away, this has been the Father's plan for you for all eternity, that we should be together you and I.

Thursday, October 16, 2014


2014-10-16                                                                   INRI

You will come to know My love for you through affliction for I will rescue you from harm.

There you will know that there is no other god but Me when trial and misfortune assail you, I am the God of your Salvation everything passes through My hands.

Do not look at it as chastisement for sin, but as a way, a vehicle to a path that leads to a greater understanding and knowledge of Me.

You will, in your desire to know Me better, find My closeness to you in what you suffer for this will be your greatest teacher.

I allow these things that you may not become complacent with the things of this world.

But be mindful of My great love for you My beloved children, you are ever near and never leave My thoughts.

I devise plans to bring you ever deeper into a surrendered relationship with Me, that you may enter into My resurrected life.

Yes, My resurrected life living in you will lead you to serve your brothers and sisters with confidence and total abandonment.

I will be living through you as if I were continuing as it were, to live further on earth in your person.

Will you give Me the opportunity to do so, for I long to meet the needs of many who are with you now in your family and among friends even the ones you do not yet know.

You may be the very instrument that I choose today to help the doubting one who has ceased in their progress toward Me, who has lost the zeal for life and is now searching for direction.

Some others have hidden grief that is not known to those who associate daily with them, and yet I desire to grant them compassion and comfort here and now in their misery.

And so to you My dear one, I say give thanks to Me for your affliction for it is a gift from God Himself, given to you as having been weighed for its benefits against the opposing pain and discomfort.

Praise Me today from your heart, truly wanting to unite with My sufferings endured for you, for you will then feel the weight of your burden lifted.  

I am here with you through Faith to carry the cross that I have especially chosen for you because I love you. 

Saturday, October 11, 2014


2014-10-09                                                                      INRI

What God is preparing for the world, Creation has never seen before but all has been foretold in Scripture.

Do you study and know the Word, for I can be known there, the Word is alive with instruction for your freedom.

All are seeking freedom in one way or another, from their addictions, from innumerable sicknesses, from greed of possessions for it is never enough, from illicit relationships that they are not able to leave, from the lure of monetary gain that goes beyond what is necessary for their life and on and on.

Each of you are really in search of peace of heart and of Soul, and it is for this reason that I am here to say to you that I am the answer to every need, the answer to every lonely Soul who has never felt the love of the Father or quite often never even felt the love of their earthly father.

I alone am the One to cast out doubt, to calm the fierce battle for your mind when your conscience rages relentlessly from guilt of sin.

Satan would have you believe that he has won and that it is useless to try to begin again, he tries to convince you that self ambition and gain are beneficial and most necessary if you would make it in thisworld.

You are My child and My plans for you have been from the beginning of time, they have been set in motion and are progressing according to your mission.

Never succumb to defeat even in the midst of overwhelming odds that may be set against you for you have never been left alone, not even for one second.

Mother Mary bids you carry the Rosary as a sign to the Evil One, that you belong to the Immaculate Virgin as Her servant and Her possession.

Though you cannot presently see beyond your troubles and trials, you are carrying on day by day in trust of Me, that I will bring you through every difficulty according to My Will.

Say always that you have great confidence and trust in Me and I will never allow your faith in Me to fail or allow your trust in Me to go unrewarded.

Do not fear though the very earth be shaken and though everyone around you fall, I will still be there with you through all that you will endure, to strengthen you and lead you.

When I sent out My disciples on their missions of love, to heal and to teach the Gospel, I did not send them out with any bag, or extra cloak or anything, will I not also do the same for you?

And if you now would quiet your heart, that may at times feel alarm in the midst of the chaos, listen to the still small voice, that will gently lead and instruct you in all that you need to do.

The next person that approaches you may not know My love for him, here I will allow you the opportunity to reveal My love, the words of your mouth will pour forth from a heart united to Mine.

Thursday, September 25, 2014



Yes, I am to be found in the mountain refuge but I am also at the same time and always in the valley below where some of you are to be found today.

Those who are suffering with bodily pain or grief, those suffering with the pain of doubt or confusion in all the decisions and choices to be made, these are the ones I most readily hear their cry for help.

I am with you, choose to do My Will above your own, make My Will always what you will, then you will find that I will live in you and you in Me.

I know your heart and its desires, but not all My people are seeking this union with Me, it is because of the overwhelming pull for material things and worldly attractions that put enmity between us.

You have been made in My Image, you were made for greatness not for this earthly life but in Heaven itself for you are My followers and you are destined for Paradise.

Why so much concern over your bodies and possessions that ultimately end in possessing you, your concern should be for the love especially in your families and the good example you leave for their inheritance.

Set your priorities straight while you still have the ability to do so, but even now you will need the assistance of the Holy Spirit to clearly discern what you still do not understand for your minds have not yet been perfected.

All that is expected of My dear children is that they seek their happiness and peace of heart only in Me.

Everything will thus fall into place, its proper order when I am in the first place in your everyday lives, take the time to search quietly, especially in My Sacramental presence, see into your heart to see if indeed I am in the first place.

Never fear the coming chastisements, your trust is needed always for without your trust in Me, I will not be able to use you as I desire, for in fear you will not be free to serve Me.

My saving grace will be poured out upon many in these times of chaos for the world will be seeking answers which the Evil One will most readily supply but it will be all lies.

This is when you will be needed to bring My Truth to a nation that has not yet known My love for each and every one of them.

You who have long been with Me, you are the ones who have given Me your fiat and have changed the direction for your lives, willing now to live in the light instead of darkness, you now are doing My Will and not living only for yourselves.

You may occasionally fall back into former ways but you will never be defeated, never will you be discouraged and each time you will more quickly recover from your fall.

I have placed My confidence in you for My grace is being lavishly poured out for the needs of many and the victory will ultimately by Mine.


Friday, September 19, 2014



My words to you are Spirit and life, those who will devour them will be lifted up, fortified and empowered by them.

Every word of Sacred Scripture is Truth and it is because the world has not accepted the written Word that harm has come to it.

Very few truly love Me, their hearts being divided they have not realized that whatever displeases Me is a lie, Truth pleases Me and whatever is not Truth is a lie.

There are gifts that I want to give to you and it is for this reason that I have allowed you to fall, it is in order that you would repent and once again seek Me, for My Mercy and forgiveness.    

I desire that each new day you would be eager for the Truth and that you would live in Me so that I may walk with you through your daily life.

Only in humility will I be found, come to Me in this way and wait quietly for the Spirit of Truth to awaken the words of Scripture which I've written in your hearts.

Resist the allure of the world, detach from all that does not glorify your God and which may be driving you further and further away from Me, I hunger for your love.

Do not persist in thinking that tomorrow you will pursue holiness but today your good works are not required of you, thinking that you still have time to do your own thing.

What has clouded your intellect, awake all your senses that have been lulled into a stupor, for I am near.   I know your every thought and actions, your words and desires.

This world is brimming over with lies, so much falsehood in a world that was created for Truth and love, has the world not believed in My Word?

Ask Me today to reveal and help you to understand the Scripture readings, My desire is that you see with new eyes which will bring you great joy in the discernment.

May I see your gratitude and humility for this new day in which to deepen your conversion, that My Truth may abide in you more fully.

Pray more, the Blessed Mother was given to all creation at the foot of the Cross, She loves you and wants to have you join Me and all of Heaven forever in eternity.

Take and devour My Word, there you will discover everything that you need to know to live the life that you were created to live, not many of you are living this life.

There is a room in your heart where I have not been given admittance to and the key remains in the word that I have hidden there for you to discover, I am waiting for you to surrender this part of your heart.


Thursday, September 11, 2014



Day after day I have poured down graces to allure you to live a life with Me as your all in all.

Most of those who have responded by seeking after Me, have experienced conversion, the triumph of grace in their lives.

Your life, now given to Me will seem wonderful, as you now have a love for everyone and everything, life seems brighter and your future promising.

But this stage of your journey home is all too soon brought to a screeching halt as you now experience dryness and aridity in prayer, thinking that you have done something wrong.

I assure you that your prayers have not fallen on deaf ears, but you must persevere with an even more determined gaze to now see Me in the poor ones and those unfriendly souls especially those who persecute you. 

Evaluate your life and see the things that are separating us, are you using your time wisely, or is the wealth of your finances being used foolishly or selfishly, do your words to others reflect God's love for them?

Be relentless in this pursuit for each element that will deter you from Me, for My Will is that you would have a richly fulfilled life enjoyed even in this earthly time and throughout eternity.

I am renewing the face of the earth through the power of My Spirit, and you who have been appointed to be a part of it today, be docile to His leading for He will lead you in a closer walk with Me.

Evil is rapidly progressing in the world and there is no time to put off the depth of growth needed in order for you to accomplish what has been allotted to you My brave warriors.

Without your cooperation in this matter, you are holding Me at arms length, My hands are tied because I have given you free-will and will not force Myself upon your resistance should you choose to continue a life of self-will.

When disagreements and unforgiveness remain hidden in your hearts, a blindness exists and only self-examination can reveal the need to repent, and the necessity for the triumph once again of grace.

I desire that your heart be prepared through prayer and your will be surrendered to My Will to do what is right at all times, I seek the purification of your souls.

You will thus be filling your lamps with oil and making sure that the lamps of your Souls will be kept burning at My return, I am the Bridegroom who will take you home with Him.

Chosen ones, you are but a remnant few who are still faithful to your Lord, I will use you powerfully during these unprecedented times, but in order for My plan to be realized, you must do your part, be of good cheer for I am forever with you.


Thursday, September 4, 2014



Each of you should desire to love Me more, have you entertained the thought that you love Me sufficiently?

Ask the Father and He will, little by little, increase in you the desire to love Me more, and through affliction you will be brought to purification.

Do not be afraid to suffer for through suffering you grow in the image of God and follow after Me, look and gain self-knowledge, but as I reveal to you your weaknesses do not fail to acknowledge the shed Blood and the Mercy shown to you. 

My Mercy is poured out for you, never separate self-knowledge from the knowledge of God for My Mercy is greater than any sin you could ever commit.

In this time that has been allotted to you, pray much for this is communion with Me, I hear and answer each heartfelt prayer, they need not be many but from your heart, these I most readily answer.

Strive to never stop seeking greater union and closeness with your God, for I am the way that leads to eternal happiness and nothing else will ever satisfy the longing in your hearts.

The Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth will open your eyes that have been blinded by sin to what is good and what is bad.  He will make known to you truth from deceit, in ways that you will understand for He specifically and uniquely knows you.

When you have troubles, and you are destined in this life to have troubles, cry out to Me, nothing is impossible for God, do not fear to come to Me with your greatest to the smallest dilemma, keep in mind that I have allowed all that happens to you.

If I have allowed it in your life, even though it may seem adverse, even if something were done to you with an evil intent, I am in control and will turn it for your good, trust in the God who is in love with you.

I desire your perfection and all that I do is with this end in mind, each of your days is precious and counted, nothing goes to waste for I am forming you in My image dear one.

Do everything in conjunction with the Blessed Mother whom I have entrusted to help you during these perilous times, be attentive to hearing Her instructions to you in difficult situations.

Consider spending more time with Me, I have chosen you for a purpose that no one else can fulfill, each of you is made to glorify Me in ways that serve the world, only in the next life will you see clearly the ways in which you have made a difference.

Try not to dwell on the unrest happening in the world at large, for you are being prepared in grace and virtue to benefit a society which has neglected and desired to live their lives without their God.

You are to be at peace with Me dwelling and directing you from the heart that is each day prepared and presented to Me for its further formation, with confident trust My loves go forward.


Wednesday, August 27, 2014



My poor children, you were born in captivity but I have gained freedom for you through My death and resurrection, your Baptism into Faith has given you new freedom in life.

I breathed new life into you through My Spirit and seated you with Myself on high in the power and authority of the Father in Heaven.

Listen attentively to the Spirit for He will speak in the silence of your hearts, even in the midst of noise and clamoring you hear what I want to say to you.

Continue daily seeking to grow in your faith, learning and acquiring knowledge to discover depths concerning your God more each day, this pleases Me.

When you have come to realize that I am operating within you, you will have made the discovery that more can be accomplished for humanity through doing My Will.

Thus viewing your former self, you will discover that slowly you are evolving into a more spiritual and caring individual.

The things you desired in the past are no longer what you are now seeking.

Are you not now experiencing a joy and peace even while enduring the frustrations and hardships of daily life, for you become aware that it is I Who am carrying the very weight of your burdens.

I want you to rest in Me from time to time, just rest for during these times of relaxation, I am doing great healing of the Soul that has been wounded in the past.

Find your certainty in Me and be strengthened, for what lies ahead is determined by your ability to follow blindly the instructions that may be given during difficult circumstances.

From now on, no longer will you be indifferent to the plight of your brother, you are to be united in your cause for justice, I am a righteous God and you are My followers.

Acknowledge now that the invisible world of God and His company of Heavenly beings is more real than what is visible to your earthly eyes.

Even your deceased dear ones and Saints you call to assist you in intercessions, they who loved you while on earth, are with you now, loving you with Heaven’s perfect love.

My Blood poured out for love of you cleanses and unites you to Me, and the Father blesses all who believe in Me, for My Second coming is now in progress.

Do not fear what will take place, it is not to your advantage to know these things that have been prepared, only believe and keep your eyes and mind focused on Me.


Friday, August 22, 2014


All who will receive Me and follow My commands are being transformed into an army against evil.

United behind the leadership of the Holy Spirit Who will empower each with the courage of a lion.

I am forming you today that you may see truly the merits of Heaven for all eternity, versus the deceit and lies of the world and all its views.

Mindful of the great deception that has been perpetrated against My people to be lead down the path of destruction, I now snatch you back to Myself.

You will not be taken out of the world, but made to live in the freedom of love and not the captivity of hate and self destruction.

Yes, the evil one would see you destroyed and incapacitated forever.

I am giving you the opportunity of allowing you to serve your brothers and sisters now through My love now living in you, it will be Me working through you.

For now, you who follow Me have been raised with Me into a newness of life, rejoice My followers hold high your heads.

Do not assume the downcast appearance of those who have no hope, for your hope is in your Saviour.

I am here and have never left you, but in these times of turmoil as you now find yourselves, be sure I am empowering you in all that you need and will need.

Heed the instructions the Blessed Mother is giving at the places where She is being honoured, for the Father is blessing you there and wherever you are honoring Her.

I am asking only that you do your very best, I am pleased with those who are believing and seeking to know Me more, I know them and for your benefit in eternal life inspire the works of humble giving and serving.

I desire that My troops resemble Me in every way of holiness and trusting completely you will make great strides, progressing in a deeper conversion, and greater love for Me.

Who will be the ones who will be My trusted followers even in the time of trial, only those who have prepared themselves, will have the strength and stamina to withstand the great trial that awaits them.


Wednesday, August 6, 2014


You who are Mine, I want to receive the first fruits of your day, rise early that I may be with you.

Soon your world will become chaos, many will draw to you seeking the comfort and assurance that I love them.

You must be made ready, even now I am placing a fire within your hearts, a love for My Word, a love for My people that will consume you.

I will give you understanding that you may relate to all who will need to hear a consoling word to soothe the conflict within them.

Many have been putting off their own conversion but with the world in greater uncertainty and confusion, now they seek Me, their hearts are troubled.

I am preparing for the return of My chosen ones who have neglected to love and worship as they should.

You are realizing your nothingness without Me, that you can do nothing, even as you desire to do good you cannot accomplish anything as your very nature is inclined to evil.

Stay closely united to the Blessed Mother, She will lead you in critical moments yet to come, the Rosary will be the chain that binds you all together.

Is there anything that you need, come directly to Me in the Eucharist where I give you everything, ask Me for whatever healing or direction you are needing.

You are to walk in My Peace, unite with those who are of the same heart for Me, those who carry the flame of love that the Spirit has ignited within them.

The hour has come, love is the essence of My Kingdom, how I wish it were already ignited in all the world that is in conflict because of the evil one’s work.

Be especially attentive to the members of your own family, they will come to you in subtle ways seeking what they really are needing, you must give them My love in gentle humility.

I am pouring out My grace upon all humanity at this time, distribute as you are given, without fear, your joy must be seen, it will attract them, you will be My light in the darkness.

This is the calm before the storm, do not be asleep in your time of awakening to the Truth of Salvation about to be revealed to a sleeping world.


Sunday, August 3, 2014


I am bringing about a time of testing for those who are Mine in this time of grace, I alone know your capability and desire to help you grow into spiritual greatness.

It shall be a fortifying and building of your character, one which will show you your weaknesses and your potential for growth.

None are in favour of change for it is often difficult, yet because of My great love for you, a strengthening and purifying is necessary.

Soon enough this time of grace will have come to an end and there will be decisions of morality and faith to be made, you must be ready.

Your children will seek guidance and direction from you, where previously they would have rejected your advice and example.

Do not be surprised that it is 3:00 am when you are awakened, the DIVINE MERCY said at this time will reap great blessings for you and for the stranger for whom you pray.

I understand that you are weary from your day’s struggles, but will you say “no” to the Holy Spirit’s inspiration to pray, would you give up some sleep for them?

Time is short with many problems and worries bombarding your thoughts these days, but you must not be distracted in your efforts to do good which are necessary in your life.

There is nothing that shall be impossible for God, I challenge you to think BIG and believe in the love I want to do through none other than you, it is your time now.

In your littleness and weakness, do not consider yourself incapable of anything that I have put in motion for you to accomplish.

Fear will only paralyze you and so render you defeated in life, unless you have courage to overcome timidity with Faith, which I will bless with when you show Me even a small effort on your part.

You were never left alone, your Blessed Mother, the Holy Trinity and all the Heavenly Court accompany you in your earthly triumphs and help you overcome defeat.

Those Souls in Purgatory whom you have so valiantly and consistently prayed for also are in your corner as you are their hero for praying in their time of need.


Friday, July 25, 2014



The Church is now in the dark hours of Calvary, looming persecutions on the horizon, errors are propagated in My Church.

As the Father was working His plan of Salvation through Me, His Son as I walked the earth, so I am also working through you now.

Those who are conscious of My presence in them listen to My Divine inspirations and with hearts in tune, I am able to use them in ways that will hasten the Holy Spirit’s Second Pentecost.

Then will there be conversions, the sick healed and the weak made strong, those living in fear will be made courageous and unafraid, those who are far from Me will return.

Thus My Divine Mercy will triumph and a new civilization of love and peace will be established, My new Kingdom will have come.

Begin today, whatever your circumstance, to believe in Me, entreat the poor, for I will answer you on how you are to help them, trusting that I will take care of your needs and the needs of your family’s future.

In this way you are being prepared to trust fully in the directions that may seem to go against your better judgment.

My ways are mysterious and not always understood by the unbeliever, but to those that believe I give all that they require in the fulfillment of the plan of Salvation.

I have gone ahead preparing a place for you in My Father’s House, but for now be at peace, have Me always in mind and you will be drawn to choose rightly.

You are being asked to do more than the minimum, more than what is asked of you; for the strength you will need, the desire to succeed, and the wisdom will be from Me.

Through Me you will accomplish great things for the Kingdom, though you will feel the same, inside you will be a power house unleashed by the Holy Spirit.

What others will eventually receive, I am allowing you to taste now of this empowerment of the joys and self-abandonment, generosity of heart, and many of the attributes of holiness.

You do not need to know the times and when they will occur, only put your house in order now and because I am in you, My peace will fill your whole being as you go forward, this is for today, spend time with Me alone in the quiet of your heart.


Friday, July 18, 2014



The world is full of the pride of man, with man’s inclination towards what is evil, he chooses to do his own desires over My higher good.

Man may desire in his heart towards Me, but in the end follows what he perceives as being pleasurable, base in his appetite to enjoy life.

In not choosing the higher good, he who now is needing more grace, having chosen that to which grace has not been allotted, finds himself not capable of overcoming even greater temptation that now presents itself.

But there is a new starting point daily, tell Me you’re sorry, for the one who is trusting in an all loving and merciful God, finds all he is truly seeking in forgiveness and strength.

I am not an angry God as some have labeled Me, I am never changing, I am a God of justice and order which sometimes means chastisement and consequences to the evil that man perpetrates upon the earth.

I desire that My faithful ones hear Me now for their good and the good of others whom they may serve, especially their families, deny yourselves, I am calling you to sacrifice while you are still able to in your freedom to do so.

When the sun has become darkened and the moon no longer shines, then will you be My shining lights, radiating My love in a loveless world gone dead to humility seeped in pride.

You may not have access to what you freely enjoy today, for tomorrow holds unexpected difficulties that are far from your imaginings this day.

Each Eucharist must be cherished as your last, and must be received with utmost reverence, each child, each person is so precious to Me and especially the infirm, I will hold each of you responsible for caring and serving as you would your God.

Choose the higher good, each day you will make many choices, choose the higher good, even though you would prefer instinctively to follow your baser nature.

All that you perceive as your own, your body and senses, are gifts from the Almighty God use them as such, they belong therefore to Me, I give you the freedom to choose and give you every help that you make the right one.

It gives Me the greatest joy to bless you when you deny yourself and choose to honour the other person as better than yourself.

When you are in Communion with Me, there is nothing that you cannot bring to My attention, even the smallest issues, if you care about it I care about it to.