Thursday, September 11, 2014



Day after day I have poured down graces to allure you to live a life with Me as your all in all.

Most of those who have responded by seeking after Me, have experienced conversion, the triumph of grace in their lives.

Your life, now given to Me will seem wonderful, as you now have a love for everyone and everything, life seems brighter and your future promising.

But this stage of your journey home is all too soon brought to a screeching halt as you now experience dryness and aridity in prayer, thinking that you have done something wrong.

I assure you that your prayers have not fallen on deaf ears, but you must persevere with an even more determined gaze to now see Me in the poor ones and those unfriendly souls especially those who persecute you. 

Evaluate your life and see the things that are separating us, are you using your time wisely, or is the wealth of your finances being used foolishly or selfishly, do your words to others reflect God's love for them?

Be relentless in this pursuit for each element that will deter you from Me, for My Will is that you would have a richly fulfilled life enjoyed even in this earthly time and throughout eternity.

I am renewing the face of the earth through the power of My Spirit, and you who have been appointed to be a part of it today, be docile to His leading for He will lead you in a closer walk with Me.

Evil is rapidly progressing in the world and there is no time to put off the depth of growth needed in order for you to accomplish what has been allotted to you My brave warriors.

Without your cooperation in this matter, you are holding Me at arms length, My hands are tied because I have given you free-will and will not force Myself upon your resistance should you choose to continue a life of self-will.

When disagreements and unforgiveness remain hidden in your hearts, a blindness exists and only self-examination can reveal the need to repent, and the necessity for the triumph once again of grace.

I desire that your heart be prepared through prayer and your will be surrendered to My Will to do what is right at all times, I seek the purification of your souls.

You will thus be filling your lamps with oil and making sure that the lamps of your Souls will be kept burning at My return, I am the Bridegroom who will take you home with Him.

Chosen ones, you are but a remnant few who are still faithful to your Lord, I will use you powerfully during these unprecedented times, but in order for My plan to be realized, you must do your part, be of good cheer for I am forever with you.


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