Thursday, September 4, 2014



Each of you should desire to love Me more, have you entertained the thought that you love Me sufficiently?

Ask the Father and He will, little by little, increase in you the desire to love Me more, and through affliction you will be brought to purification.

Do not be afraid to suffer for through suffering you grow in the image of God and follow after Me, look and gain self-knowledge, but as I reveal to you your weaknesses do not fail to acknowledge the shed Blood and the Mercy shown to you. 

My Mercy is poured out for you, never separate self-knowledge from the knowledge of God for My Mercy is greater than any sin you could ever commit.

In this time that has been allotted to you, pray much for this is communion with Me, I hear and answer each heartfelt prayer, they need not be many but from your heart, these I most readily answer.

Strive to never stop seeking greater union and closeness with your God, for I am the way that leads to eternal happiness and nothing else will ever satisfy the longing in your hearts.

The Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth will open your eyes that have been blinded by sin to what is good and what is bad.  He will make known to you truth from deceit, in ways that you will understand for He specifically and uniquely knows you.

When you have troubles, and you are destined in this life to have troubles, cry out to Me, nothing is impossible for God, do not fear to come to Me with your greatest to the smallest dilemma, keep in mind that I have allowed all that happens to you.

If I have allowed it in your life, even though it may seem adverse, even if something were done to you with an evil intent, I am in control and will turn it for your good, trust in the God who is in love with you.

I desire your perfection and all that I do is with this end in mind, each of your days is precious and counted, nothing goes to waste for I am forming you in My image dear one.

Do everything in conjunction with the Blessed Mother whom I have entrusted to help you during these perilous times, be attentive to hearing Her instructions to you in difficult situations.

Consider spending more time with Me, I have chosen you for a purpose that no one else can fulfill, each of you is made to glorify Me in ways that serve the world, only in the next life will you see clearly the ways in which you have made a difference.

Try not to dwell on the unrest happening in the world at large, for you are being prepared in grace and virtue to benefit a society which has neglected and desired to live their lives without their God.

You are to be at peace with Me dwelling and directing you from the heart that is each day prepared and presented to Me for its further formation, with confident trust My loves go forward.


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