Wednesday, August 27, 2014



My poor children, you were born in captivity but I have gained freedom for you through My death and resurrection, your Baptism into Faith has given you new freedom in life.

I breathed new life into you through My Spirit and seated you with Myself on high in the power and authority of the Father in Heaven.

Listen attentively to the Spirit for He will speak in the silence of your hearts, even in the midst of noise and clamoring you hear what I want to say to you.

Continue daily seeking to grow in your faith, learning and acquiring knowledge to discover depths concerning your God more each day, this pleases Me.

When you have come to realize that I am operating within you, you will have made the discovery that more can be accomplished for humanity through doing My Will.

Thus viewing your former self, you will discover that slowly you are evolving into a more spiritual and caring individual.

The things you desired in the past are no longer what you are now seeking.

Are you not now experiencing a joy and peace even while enduring the frustrations and hardships of daily life, for you become aware that it is I Who am carrying the very weight of your burdens.

I want you to rest in Me from time to time, just rest for during these times of relaxation, I am doing great healing of the Soul that has been wounded in the past.

Find your certainty in Me and be strengthened, for what lies ahead is determined by your ability to follow blindly the instructions that may be given during difficult circumstances.

From now on, no longer will you be indifferent to the plight of your brother, you are to be united in your cause for justice, I am a righteous God and you are My followers.

Acknowledge now that the invisible world of God and His company of Heavenly beings is more real than what is visible to your earthly eyes.

Even your deceased dear ones and Saints you call to assist you in intercessions, they who loved you while on earth, are with you now, loving you with Heaven’s perfect love.

My Blood poured out for love of you cleanses and unites you to Me, and the Father blesses all who believe in Me, for My Second coming is now in progress.

Do not fear what will take place, it is not to your advantage to know these things that have been prepared, only believe and keep your eyes and mind focused on Me.


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