Friday, August 22, 2014


All who will receive Me and follow My commands are being transformed into an army against evil.

United behind the leadership of the Holy Spirit Who will empower each with the courage of a lion.

I am forming you today that you may see truly the merits of Heaven for all eternity, versus the deceit and lies of the world and all its views.

Mindful of the great deception that has been perpetrated against My people to be lead down the path of destruction, I now snatch you back to Myself.

You will not be taken out of the world, but made to live in the freedom of love and not the captivity of hate and self destruction.

Yes, the evil one would see you destroyed and incapacitated forever.

I am giving you the opportunity of allowing you to serve your brothers and sisters now through My love now living in you, it will be Me working through you.

For now, you who follow Me have been raised with Me into a newness of life, rejoice My followers hold high your heads.

Do not assume the downcast appearance of those who have no hope, for your hope is in your Saviour.

I am here and have never left you, but in these times of turmoil as you now find yourselves, be sure I am empowering you in all that you need and will need.

Heed the instructions the Blessed Mother is giving at the places where She is being honoured, for the Father is blessing you there and wherever you are honoring Her.

I am asking only that you do your very best, I am pleased with those who are believing and seeking to know Me more, I know them and for your benefit in eternal life inspire the works of humble giving and serving.

I desire that My troops resemble Me in every way of holiness and trusting completely you will make great strides, progressing in a deeper conversion, and greater love for Me.

Who will be the ones who will be My trusted followers even in the time of trial, only those who have prepared themselves, will have the strength and stamina to withstand the great trial that awaits them.


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