Wednesday, August 6, 2014


You who are Mine, I want to receive the first fruits of your day, rise early that I may be with you.

Soon your world will become chaos, many will draw to you seeking the comfort and assurance that I love them.

You must be made ready, even now I am placing a fire within your hearts, a love for My Word, a love for My people that will consume you.

I will give you understanding that you may relate to all who will need to hear a consoling word to soothe the conflict within them.

Many have been putting off their own conversion but with the world in greater uncertainty and confusion, now they seek Me, their hearts are troubled.

I am preparing for the return of My chosen ones who have neglected to love and worship as they should.

You are realizing your nothingness without Me, that you can do nothing, even as you desire to do good you cannot accomplish anything as your very nature is inclined to evil.

Stay closely united to the Blessed Mother, She will lead you in critical moments yet to come, the Rosary will be the chain that binds you all together.

Is there anything that you need, come directly to Me in the Eucharist where I give you everything, ask Me for whatever healing or direction you are needing.

You are to walk in My Peace, unite with those who are of the same heart for Me, those who carry the flame of love that the Spirit has ignited within them.

The hour has come, love is the essence of My Kingdom, how I wish it were already ignited in all the world that is in conflict because of the evil one’s work.

Be especially attentive to the members of your own family, they will come to you in subtle ways seeking what they really are needing, you must give them My love in gentle humility.

I am pouring out My grace upon all humanity at this time, distribute as you are given, without fear, your joy must be seen, it will attract them, you will be My light in the darkness.

This is the calm before the storm, do not be asleep in your time of awakening to the Truth of Salvation about to be revealed to a sleeping world.


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