Thursday, December 25, 2014


2014-12-25                                                            INRI

I was born of' the virgin Mary but I wish to be reborn in each of you today.

Do you not realize now that you are in Me and I am in you, you have not truly been aware of this fact until now, not truly, meditate on these things and My Spirit will enlighten you.

Have you tried earnestly to do My Will and failed time and again, you must surrender all to Me now, for it is not in striving that you will succeed but in surrendering all of yourself to Me.

When I walked the earth, My greatest desire was to constantly fulfill the Father's Will, I did nothing on My own, now I wish to continue in this mandate and live on in you on earth as it is in Heaven.

I was crucified and died but I am resurrected and wish to live this resurrected life through you, desire this also for love of Me.

Say always, 'I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me' in this way you surrender yourself completely to Me.

Slowly your fear in the world will dissipate, you will no longer be afraid of people for I love them and you will love them to.

Living in Me do not be surprised if you are rejected as they rejected Me, you will take solace in this for there is nothing that will be done to you that I have not allowed as beneficial to you or to others.

I have overcome the world, you also will sit with Me on high at the Father's right hand for all eternity.

Though heroic feats will not always be on the agenda, do not shrink from a request to do so, only be available to Me when an occasion should arise, you do not know when history may hinge on a certain action, may I use you in these uncertain times?

Let your joy of serving Me be apparent, evidence of love in your hearts My dear ones, for I am constantly smiling at each of you, you are My joy since I am your heart's treasure.

You are not yet aware of the greatest reward that will await you in the paradise I've created for My faithful followers, you will toil with your hands and the sweat of your brow, but the fruit you will produce and the harvest will be My accomplishment and My responsibility.

Do not be afraid of suffering, indeed accept it with joy, for you have it not out of My displeasure but on the contrary, you share in the suffering of My Passion and are identifying with Me.

Unite yourselves in My honor and constantly be mindful of My presence in you for it will avert evil desires and inspire goodness towards others whom you might otherwise overlook.

I am looking for those who in simplicity are seeking only to do for love of Me the desire and Will of My Father, this is primarilly for the Salvation of Souls.

Thursday, December 18, 2014


2014-12-18                                                        INRI

Have confidence in the God you serve, I know well when you sit and when you stand, I also know what you fear, only fear the Lord your God.

Keep your thoughts aligned with your Faith in Me, and do not doubt for I your God am mighty in power and deed.

I may ask you to go to a place where you have never gone before, I will lead you without any concern, for I have been forming you in readiness of this opportunity, I need only your consent.

Someone may be in need of your assistance, this person or persons may be crying out to Me for help at this dire moment, be willing to cooperate with all your being.

In order that I may use you, make yourself available, ready at a moments notice to comfort or help in any way necessary, in any case pray My Divine Mercy for them.

You may picture Me as a lighthouse for this example, you are the prism glass surrounding My light, but if your glass is soiled My light cannot be a beacon of hope or help to anyone in danger.

This world has become a tempest storm on a raging sea, there are treacherous rocks claiming unsuspecting victims lives, these are My people whom I love equally as I love you.

What will make your prism glass clear and sparkling, only repentance My forgiveness, that My light may shine brilliantly in this darkened night of Souls, I am seeking those who are yet unaware of the peril of their eternal lives.

Many will be drawn to the light when they become desperate and lost, you who are My faithful, who remain in the Holy Church, you will be My instruments of peace and encouragement.

This is where they will be fed and counseled for many have been lead astray, believing that this world was for their enjoyment and pleasures, they have rejected the cross in all it's facets.

I am the Way and it does involve the carrying of the cross, no one will be exempt as they follow Me, but they do not carry it alone for I along with them enable all with grace and strength.

Each and everyday I supply a multitude of graces to each person, but if they are not in the state of grace, they are not in a position to receive them.

These graces will go to others for My Heart burns with love to fulfill all My Father's desires even here upon your earth.

Do as I have commanded you and receive all that has been planned for you, I am doing a work in you that will give joy to your whole being, a peace that will draw to you the downhearted Souls who are desperately seeking Me.

Thursday, December 11, 2014


2014-12-11                                           INRI

You are tired My beloved and your strength diminished, but you must be renewed in your mind, in your heart and your whole being.

Your mission is not yet complete and you must be revived in Me, take anew the breath of My Spirit and reclaim the vitality of youth once again in your resolve.

Take a look once again at the progress you have made in your virtues, yes, without your realizing it I have accomplished it in you for My own glory and use.

In My love for you I have disciplined when necessity warranted it and you have been freed and purified from your sins and thus you have grown.

I take delight in your progress and you also must take joy in this accomplishment, because as you continue in your walk you serve now instinctively.

Those around you are finding their joy in the way that you are giving of your time and talents for love of Me.

You are in the world but not of the world for you are being taught to serve at the hands of My Blessed Mother Herself.

She is bringing you methodically and coordinating you into an army winning Souls for My Kingdom, and the weapon most effective to the wiles of the devil is the Rosary.

These are perilous times and yet the world sleeps, unknowingly it slips into oblivion of these evil schemes, that prey upon this hedonistic society at large.

You My people, though you are Mine, you must fight not to be swallowed up, sucked into the spiral of complacency, majority thinking and crowd pleasing apathy.

The Church must be guarded against heresy and liberal theology, pray for the Church hierarchy and for the leadership of the Pope to remain firm in his convictions.

Do not be alarmed, I am here to guide and instruct you, it will not be left to chance what you must do.

I do not play games with you My people, I will lead you and strengthen the weak until all My Father's Will is complete, His plan fully realized.

Thursday, December 4, 2014


2014-12-04                                                                                         INRI

Come journey with Me and I will lead you to a life you've never even dreamed of, a life that will transform everything even here and now.

When you first began to pray, I wanted you to hunger for Me, I wanted you to show Me and to prove to yourself that it was God that you were truly seeking, that is with your whole heart and Soul.

During these times of prayer, your mind often wandered but you continued to seek Me, for I had promised that if you would seek Me that you would indeed find Me.

I noticed that your thoughts became more refined as you meditated on the mysteries of the Rosary and even when your thoughts lingered viewing an image of Me on the cross.

You quieted your Spirit in order to hear My first words to you and oh, how thrilled you were to discover My love for you personally, that I cared for you and it was then that you gave Me your heart.

You struggled to keep your thoughts stationed on your prayers and asked My Holy Spirit to enlighten your understanding of both what to pray and the meaning of Sacred Scripture in order to know your Savior to a greater depth.

My loved ones, it was necessary that you labour in your efforts to draw near to Me, anything less would not have gained for you the virtue and strength of conviction you've attained.

Our relationship is ongoing and must never be taken for granted, I am living in you and care about every aspect of your life, but it is time now for you to sit at My feet and be taught.

Here I will transform and mold you, submit to Me as soft clay in My hands, releasing the control of your life and all that has made you vulnerable in this world.

I know My little one how much courage it is taking for you to put all your confidence and trust in Me, what seems incredible and impossible to the mind is a step that is preparing you for My Kingdom.

You will not be concerned whether you serve Me on earth or Heaven for doing My Will is all that will be your goal in the time allotted to you.

This will be a gift, no striving can procure it, only be patient with My timing and the resolve to secure what is in your best interest, be ready to follow My lead, I have arranged all for you.

Do not question what seems to be adverse to you for My Will may surprise you, I am only looking for your acceptance in response, do not fail the test but advance in holiness and virtue.

I am asking you to sit at My feet now, you have done many toilsome years towards our relationship and some of you are ready for the next step.

In the coming times there will be occasions when sitting at My feet will be your only recourse, come now rest in Me awhile, for what is happening in the world today is wounding My heart greatly and I delight in the comfort of your love.