Thursday, December 11, 2014


2014-12-11                                           INRI

You are tired My beloved and your strength diminished, but you must be renewed in your mind, in your heart and your whole being.

Your mission is not yet complete and you must be revived in Me, take anew the breath of My Spirit and reclaim the vitality of youth once again in your resolve.

Take a look once again at the progress you have made in your virtues, yes, without your realizing it I have accomplished it in you for My own glory and use.

In My love for you I have disciplined when necessity warranted it and you have been freed and purified from your sins and thus you have grown.

I take delight in your progress and you also must take joy in this accomplishment, because as you continue in your walk you serve now instinctively.

Those around you are finding their joy in the way that you are giving of your time and talents for love of Me.

You are in the world but not of the world for you are being taught to serve at the hands of My Blessed Mother Herself.

She is bringing you methodically and coordinating you into an army winning Souls for My Kingdom, and the weapon most effective to the wiles of the devil is the Rosary.

These are perilous times and yet the world sleeps, unknowingly it slips into oblivion of these evil schemes, that prey upon this hedonistic society at large.

You My people, though you are Mine, you must fight not to be swallowed up, sucked into the spiral of complacency, majority thinking and crowd pleasing apathy.

The Church must be guarded against heresy and liberal theology, pray for the Church hierarchy and for the leadership of the Pope to remain firm in his convictions.

Do not be alarmed, I am here to guide and instruct you, it will not be left to chance what you must do.

I do not play games with you My people, I will lead you and strengthen the weak until all My Father's Will is complete, His plan fully realized.

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