Thursday, December 18, 2014


2014-12-18                                                        INRI

Have confidence in the God you serve, I know well when you sit and when you stand, I also know what you fear, only fear the Lord your God.

Keep your thoughts aligned with your Faith in Me, and do not doubt for I your God am mighty in power and deed.

I may ask you to go to a place where you have never gone before, I will lead you without any concern, for I have been forming you in readiness of this opportunity, I need only your consent.

Someone may be in need of your assistance, this person or persons may be crying out to Me for help at this dire moment, be willing to cooperate with all your being.

In order that I may use you, make yourself available, ready at a moments notice to comfort or help in any way necessary, in any case pray My Divine Mercy for them.

You may picture Me as a lighthouse for this example, you are the prism glass surrounding My light, but if your glass is soiled My light cannot be a beacon of hope or help to anyone in danger.

This world has become a tempest storm on a raging sea, there are treacherous rocks claiming unsuspecting victims lives, these are My people whom I love equally as I love you.

What will make your prism glass clear and sparkling, only repentance My forgiveness, that My light may shine brilliantly in this darkened night of Souls, I am seeking those who are yet unaware of the peril of their eternal lives.

Many will be drawn to the light when they become desperate and lost, you who are My faithful, who remain in the Holy Church, you will be My instruments of peace and encouragement.

This is where they will be fed and counseled for many have been lead astray, believing that this world was for their enjoyment and pleasures, they have rejected the cross in all it's facets.

I am the Way and it does involve the carrying of the cross, no one will be exempt as they follow Me, but they do not carry it alone for I along with them enable all with grace and strength.

Each and everyday I supply a multitude of graces to each person, but if they are not in the state of grace, they are not in a position to receive them.

These graces will go to others for My Heart burns with love to fulfill all My Father's desires even here upon your earth.

Do as I have commanded you and receive all that has been planned for you, I am doing a work in you that will give joy to your whole being, a peace that will draw to you the downhearted Souls who are desperately seeking Me.

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