Thursday, December 4, 2014


2014-12-04                                                                                         INRI

Come journey with Me and I will lead you to a life you've never even dreamed of, a life that will transform everything even here and now.

When you first began to pray, I wanted you to hunger for Me, I wanted you to show Me and to prove to yourself that it was God that you were truly seeking, that is with your whole heart and Soul.

During these times of prayer, your mind often wandered but you continued to seek Me, for I had promised that if you would seek Me that you would indeed find Me.

I noticed that your thoughts became more refined as you meditated on the mysteries of the Rosary and even when your thoughts lingered viewing an image of Me on the cross.

You quieted your Spirit in order to hear My first words to you and oh, how thrilled you were to discover My love for you personally, that I cared for you and it was then that you gave Me your heart.

You struggled to keep your thoughts stationed on your prayers and asked My Holy Spirit to enlighten your understanding of both what to pray and the meaning of Sacred Scripture in order to know your Savior to a greater depth.

My loved ones, it was necessary that you labour in your efforts to draw near to Me, anything less would not have gained for you the virtue and strength of conviction you've attained.

Our relationship is ongoing and must never be taken for granted, I am living in you and care about every aspect of your life, but it is time now for you to sit at My feet and be taught.

Here I will transform and mold you, submit to Me as soft clay in My hands, releasing the control of your life and all that has made you vulnerable in this world.

I know My little one how much courage it is taking for you to put all your confidence and trust in Me, what seems incredible and impossible to the mind is a step that is preparing you for My Kingdom.

You will not be concerned whether you serve Me on earth or Heaven for doing My Will is all that will be your goal in the time allotted to you.

This will be a gift, no striving can procure it, only be patient with My timing and the resolve to secure what is in your best interest, be ready to follow My lead, I have arranged all for you.

Do not question what seems to be adverse to you for My Will may surprise you, I am only looking for your acceptance in response, do not fail the test but advance in holiness and virtue.

I am asking you to sit at My feet now, you have done many toilsome years towards our relationship and some of you are ready for the next step.

In the coming times there will be occasions when sitting at My feet will be your only recourse, come now rest in Me awhile, for what is happening in the world today is wounding My heart greatly and I delight in the comfort of your love. 

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