Thursday, August 26, 2010



In no manner is the servant greater than his Master.

As I was pierced for your transgressions and suffered greatly for your salvation so must you follow Me in suffering.

Do not be astonished that what befalls you even today is redemptive action added to the cause of sinners.

Can you look beyond your pain and frustration in this moment to unite With My Heart wounded by so much ingratitude and forgetfulness for the gaining of so great a reward?

Heaven waits eagerly for such a response from each one I claim as My own.

Receive My love enclosed in the grace that enables you to carry with Me the cross chosen by the  
Wisdom of the Father to further your mission here while time permits.

This is not the opportunity for you to seek pleasures and ease of life but strive for perfection in holiness.

I sought to suffer the greatest injustices for love of you, that all might be saved but alas not all will come to their glory.

Self must be made low, humble yourself for I am lowly and in order to unite with Me the world and all it contains must be abandoned.

Unless you allow Me to pierce your very heart with true repentance I cannot use you.

Inflated self must die to allow the infilling of the Living Waters of the Holy Spirit.

Again I say do not be anxious regarding this for it is My Work, self cannot of itself Will to die of its own accord.

But as each occasion presents itself in My doing, allow grace to lead what would otherwise cause you to remain as before, now be changed.

It will seem strange and yet so satisfying for your spirit is longing for this union with Me its Creator and Savior.

Be in anticipation of My coming closer to you, receive Me as you’ve never experienced before.

You are the one I died for and all your life has been a work in the process of your becoming a saint, and heir of Heaven.

Keep in the deepest recesses of your heart these thoughts for I am never very far from your reaching out to Me. Even your sighs are recorded and treasured by Me.

I bless you as I Whisper your name.


Friday, August 20, 2010



My words “Father into Your Hands I commend My Spirit” should be your words as well.

It is not your flesh that is seated in Me at the Father’s right hand but your spirit.

Self in the flesh does not die willingly and needs to be surrendered.

It is not the things that you are doing for Me that I want to bless but the things that I desire to do through you.

You are putting much effort in doing good works and this is all well but My Mission here on earth is to be able to use you at My beck and call moment by moment.

This self-abandoning is a letting go of all your desires and seeing the world through My eyes with My Mind and in My Power.

Not much has been accomplished in your doing for Me, has it?

You will be transformed in all these ways once you have truly been with Me in the repentance of your self-living.

My longing has been for this personal friendship where We walk and breathe together in this earthly Kingdom where I have the freedom to act and perform deeds in you and through you.

The evil one subtly and constantly tries to rob the people, which I have given life to, of their peace and joy, limiting their ability to serve and receive what is rightfully theirs.

There is so much I want to do in and through your cooperation with My Holy Spirit.

The need in this ungrateful world, so much taken with materialism and self-greed has deeply wounded My Heart and reparation is sorely needed.

If today you would pray for the conversion of sinners I would multiply the offerings and sincere efforts to draw love to others so unaware of their dangerous paths to perdition.

Invoke the aid of our Blessed Mother for pure and holy have Her intentions always pleased Me.

She will guide your ways and instruct those who seek Me with generous hearts ready to allow Me access to their lives.

Prayer and adoration time before Me are of utmost importance and should not be neglected; I wait for you, are you not yearning for the intimacy I so desire with you?

Only when you can say “I know that I know I have been with Jesus” will you be empowered to serve in Me, with Me and through Me.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010



Your time here on earth will be short and the time allotted to you must not be wasted on insignificant and useless acquiring of worldly possessions.

Begin now, if you have not already done so to distance yourself from the love of material goods which do not result in the happiness that they promise.

Pray and be in constant communication With Me, asking for this grace of putting in right priority the things of your life.

Resolve to put an end to quarrels and disagreements especially among family members.

Use My Name to powerfully dispel arguments before they become more than a difference of opinion.

For with you My Peace and Joy must become obvious and felt by those with whom you associate, work with or befriend.

As of yet, you have not put to the test the using of My Name as I have given you to gain victory over temptation, trials and sinful situations.

The evil one has been up to now content to carry on without much hindrance and opposition.

Use My Name as I taught the Apostles with much success on their part.

Be firm in the faith that enables you to speak with confidence and power which will be made manifest through the empowering of My Holy Spirit in you.

There is not enough time left to squander life on anything that is currently not done in loving service to others.

Forgive quickly hurts done unintentionally or otherwise intentionally from those who react from being hurt by others in a domino effect.

Love must intervene.

This world is cascading uncontrollably into disaster but all of My flock has been marked as predestined, act like it, forgetting past shortcomings in order to be of use to the need which becomes greater and ever so urgent in the Will of the Father for those who are being saved.

If not you, then who will I send?

My Precious Blood has been shed for love of the world and yet so many are indifferent and ungrateful who occupy what was created by the Trinity for love’s sake.

Do not fear what is being demanded of you for I will never leave you nor forsake My own.

Use My Name, the power to overcome evil is yours, do not neglect or abandon out of fear to use the weapon given to each of you.


Thursday, August 5, 2010



How many times have you seen and heard in Scripture “your faith has saved you”?

I declare to you that you have not been moved to faith yourself in the hearing.

Hunger for this faith that will bring healings, prophecies and conversions to your families.

Be complacent no longer for many will be surprised when in their lukewarm attitude, their heavenly reward has been withdrawn.

To their astonishment they will realize that My purpose for their lives had been so much more than they had allowed Me access to.

I have allowed Satan to tempt you for your growth in faith trusting that you would call upon Me for the grace and strength to overcome the evil at hand.

Call then on Me today and admit as you confess that you have not given your earnest efforts as would be pleasing to Me.

My promises are true, begin to live even with the benefit of the doubt in your heart that your faith might grow.

Speak affirmative quotes from My Word which will encourage your spirit and others who will see positive signs of progress.

Open your eyes to the beauty I have lavished around you each day to endear you to Myself.

I am a lover of “you” whom I foresaw before I created the world and everything in it.

I purposed a Work and fulfillment for each person created and as this is accomplished in your life a new found freedom emerges.

Life becomes worthwhile and joy fills areas that once were fearful.

My love for you will not allow anything but the maturity of Charity to become part of what My Church on earth is all about.

The unity and brotherhood realized among My people gladdens the Heart pierced by hate and those who with pride, lord it over the poor and helpless of My flock.

May you become with Me the light that brightens the darkness, overcoming what deems to be impossible odds that anything good could come about at this late hour in history.