Friday, August 20, 2010



My words “Father into Your Hands I commend My Spirit” should be your words as well.

It is not your flesh that is seated in Me at the Father’s right hand but your spirit.

Self in the flesh does not die willingly and needs to be surrendered.

It is not the things that you are doing for Me that I want to bless but the things that I desire to do through you.

You are putting much effort in doing good works and this is all well but My Mission here on earth is to be able to use you at My beck and call moment by moment.

This self-abandoning is a letting go of all your desires and seeing the world through My eyes with My Mind and in My Power.

Not much has been accomplished in your doing for Me, has it?

You will be transformed in all these ways once you have truly been with Me in the repentance of your self-living.

My longing has been for this personal friendship where We walk and breathe together in this earthly Kingdom where I have the freedom to act and perform deeds in you and through you.

The evil one subtly and constantly tries to rob the people, which I have given life to, of their peace and joy, limiting their ability to serve and receive what is rightfully theirs.

There is so much I want to do in and through your cooperation with My Holy Spirit.

The need in this ungrateful world, so much taken with materialism and self-greed has deeply wounded My Heart and reparation is sorely needed.

If today you would pray for the conversion of sinners I would multiply the offerings and sincere efforts to draw love to others so unaware of their dangerous paths to perdition.

Invoke the aid of our Blessed Mother for pure and holy have Her intentions always pleased Me.

She will guide your ways and instruct those who seek Me with generous hearts ready to allow Me access to their lives.

Prayer and adoration time before Me are of utmost importance and should not be neglected; I wait for you, are you not yearning for the intimacy I so desire with you?

Only when you can say “I know that I know I have been with Jesus” will you be empowered to serve in Me, with Me and through Me.


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