Sunday, May 22, 2016


2016-05-21                                                                              INRI

Many have come to Me today, wanting to hear the Word, wanting healing and some come just out of curiosity.

Yet My desire is for the neediest among you, and My eyes rest on the one who does not even look at Me, he appears to have the weight of the world upon him, I am aware of his unhappiness.

My Heart aches in seeing his pain and anguish, but this very day, he will have his miracle, indeed My greatest miracle is that of conversion.

While the crowds are vying for My attention, I draw him through My Spirit, It stirs his spirit within him and he comes to Me, wondering to himself how he’s had the courage to do so.

Away from curious eyes I draw him away for privacy, where he is able to unburden his heart that has long been deceived in believing that he was forever lost, unredeemable.

His soul is so very precious to Me, and I want him to know how valuable, loved and needed he is.

As he spills forth his heart, I console and encourage him to have faith and to trust in Me, tears of relief now pour from this freed captive, who has received forgiveness and new life.

His world seems somehow brighter, everything has beauty that he never realized before, he feels eager to shout from the rooftop his joy is hard to restrain.

He feels as though he loves everyone as he never did before, he does not understand what has happened to him, but God has freed him, this he is certain of.

He asks himself, why did he not come to Jesus sooner, he berates himself, yet the immense joy continues to overflow his elated heart, and he is able now to forgive himself also.

I tell you, you will be blessed in accepting the grace offered to you, yes, it is a humbling experience to trust My ministers with your weaknesses, your vulnerability, your sin, but it is I Who am forgiving you.

Conversion is not a once and done deal, no, for you will need to repeatedly be transformed, slowly will conversion prepare you for the Kingdom that awaits you.

Your life on earth is preparation, a learning to love and no longer to be self-serving, your ultimate victory will be your new home, the New Jerusalem, where there will be no more sorrow or pain, no tears and no more death.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016


2016-05-18                                                                        INRI

With the world in this violent, destructive, and self-seeking situation as all find themselves today, you do not have the luxury of mediocrity, that is of just trying to get by or being on the edge.

Strive for excellence in obeying and following Me in holiness or you may not make it, you do not have the option to do your own thing, for you are in a war for your very souls.

In obedience, you are given gifts, the Holy Spirit gives Faith to you and not to those who disobey, He gives Truth that you may know reality, those who do not obey My Commands, do not live in reality.

They evict Me from their lives and thus murder and suicide, abortion, infidelity are what is insane in society today and accepted as norm.

Without Me they reason insanely, because the Holy Spirit is not operating in their lives, evil is permitted to enter and take up residence to their detriment.

Society wants to eliminate religion and replace it with secular humanism, an atheistic world view, which is cold and inhumane.

But you who obey, I have given gifts through the working of the Holy Spirit, He will give you the capacity to be obedient, you will know that God loves and cares for you, confident in eternal life.

Do not be insecure in regard to My love for you, no one can take away the Faith that has been given to you, even as you become immersed in the corruption that increases all around you.

Daily you are surrounded by fearful people that do not acknowledged that I am still in control, no matter what is happening, be stability for the weak around you.

Remain in prayer, those who receive Me daily in Communion have an added advantage in that I grant graces innumerable for their holiness to be communicated to those around them.

Pray children, and do not disrespect Me by worrying, have confidence because ultimately you know the outcome, through humility you will have the capacity for obedience.

No matter how dark the world becomes, how evil or distressing life becomes, don’t worry, this is negative energy and counter productive to My plan of Salvation for you.

I am allowing all that you are enduring, work with Me, I am raising the bar on your Sainthood.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016


2016-05-11                                   GOD'S PATH OF SURVIVAL                                              INRI

I, Jesus, agreed with the Father to sacrifice My Life for you, knowing full well that you would abuse your free will.

I took upon Myself the suffering that you deserved and I foresaw that you would fall again and again using your free will to do evil and oppose good.

Hope in Me, for I having created the human heart, know that it longs to do good and to love and to be loved forever.

Your heart was made for Me and will have peace only in Me, this is your destiny that you would be completely filled with Heavenly joy for all eternity.

The path that you must follow is one of gratitude in that you recognize the many blessings showered upon each you daily throughout your lives.

Do not allow your focus to be on the negative aspects of your present situation, for whatever efforts towards good that you make, I will multiply for the end results to be the best for your benefit.

Humility is recognizing that you are powerless on your own, and your fidelity is to be placed in Me, your faith will speak only hope which will be contagious to those around you, I bless you in these and all your good efforts.

There are people in the world that do not belong to Me, they are of the world and use their free will to do evil, good people will suffer because of the damage they do, consequently some of My people will even die.

My Resurrection is the answer for all the needs of the world, for I am at the right hand of the Father with all authority given to Me.

You are risen in and with Me, be not of the world but in it, in order that My Will be done through you, each has been given a mission to accomplish, you are leaven, you can change the world.

Do not avoid anyone, even the troublesome, always be mindful that I created you, loved you into existence and will take care of you in all your needs, I want to use you for doing good, trust in Me.

Prayer need not be lengthy but meaningful, think of a little child in trouble or fearful, he in desperation calls to his mother, she hears what others may not perceive, how much more so will your loving God hear and answer you My beloved.

All I ask is that you give Me your best effort, I will multiply what you give to Me and secure your soul for all eternity, Heaven would not be the same without you.

Monday, May 2, 2016


2016-05-02                                                                                           INRI

Peace – By the shedding of My Blood, I made with you a covenant of Peace, wherein you were now able to have a relationship with your God.

My peace is a goodness of life, unrelated to circumstances, that is it is not touched by what happens to the person on the outside.

I want you to know without a doubt that I am being gracious to you, no matter what the circumstances, count it all joy.

In the world, you might ask, where would one find this peace that is not just the absence of trouble, even in danger and through sorrow?

My Peace I give to you not as the world gives do I give to you.  Let not your heart be troubled nor let it be afraid.

This peace allows you to be calm in the midst of what would ordinarily be fearful, as I before Pilate was calm.

I will enable you to not cry out but rejoice in pain and trial or even sing in the midst of suffering.

My peace is never about the circumstance, this fruit is of the Holy Spirit, it is My peace and it is meant for all believers.

But you must actively receive it, trusting in Me, ask for the grace to believe in My goodness and Mercy.

It is tranquility in the soul, be settled in My peace as you go through whatever is happening in your life.

It is My desire to encompass you completely with a peace that surpasses all comprehension.

My peace wipes out all worry of the conscience of the past, and thoughts that destroy your peace of mind in the anxiety of the future.

You may have problems to solve or decisions to make, make the best possible plan of action according to My Scriptural Word.

If this is in accordance with My Word, and is not forbidden, go ahead with it and retain your peace of heart, be confident that it is God's Will.

If people who are without God, that is the unsaved, would know what awaited them, they would quickly lose their illusion of peace in the world.

I am the foundation of Peace in the world, nothing else will stand in the coming days ahead.