Wednesday, May 11, 2016


2016-05-11                                   GOD'S PATH OF SURVIVAL                                              INRI

I, Jesus, agreed with the Father to sacrifice My Life for you, knowing full well that you would abuse your free will.

I took upon Myself the suffering that you deserved and I foresaw that you would fall again and again using your free will to do evil and oppose good.

Hope in Me, for I having created the human heart, know that it longs to do good and to love and to be loved forever.

Your heart was made for Me and will have peace only in Me, this is your destiny that you would be completely filled with Heavenly joy for all eternity.

The path that you must follow is one of gratitude in that you recognize the many blessings showered upon each you daily throughout your lives.

Do not allow your focus to be on the negative aspects of your present situation, for whatever efforts towards good that you make, I will multiply for the end results to be the best for your benefit.

Humility is recognizing that you are powerless on your own, and your fidelity is to be placed in Me, your faith will speak only hope which will be contagious to those around you, I bless you in these and all your good efforts.

There are people in the world that do not belong to Me, they are of the world and use their free will to do evil, good people will suffer because of the damage they do, consequently some of My people will even die.

My Resurrection is the answer for all the needs of the world, for I am at the right hand of the Father with all authority given to Me.

You are risen in and with Me, be not of the world but in it, in order that My Will be done through you, each has been given a mission to accomplish, you are leaven, you can change the world.

Do not avoid anyone, even the troublesome, always be mindful that I created you, loved you into existence and will take care of you in all your needs, I want to use you for doing good, trust in Me.

Prayer need not be lengthy but meaningful, think of a little child in trouble or fearful, he in desperation calls to his mother, she hears what others may not perceive, how much more so will your loving God hear and answer you My beloved.

All I ask is that you give Me your best effort, I will multiply what you give to Me and secure your soul for all eternity, Heaven would not be the same without you.

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