Thursday, September 25, 2014



Yes, I am to be found in the mountain refuge but I am also at the same time and always in the valley below where some of you are to be found today.

Those who are suffering with bodily pain or grief, those suffering with the pain of doubt or confusion in all the decisions and choices to be made, these are the ones I most readily hear their cry for help.

I am with you, choose to do My Will above your own, make My Will always what you will, then you will find that I will live in you and you in Me.

I know your heart and its desires, but not all My people are seeking this union with Me, it is because of the overwhelming pull for material things and worldly attractions that put enmity between us.

You have been made in My Image, you were made for greatness not for this earthly life but in Heaven itself for you are My followers and you are destined for Paradise.

Why so much concern over your bodies and possessions that ultimately end in possessing you, your concern should be for the love especially in your families and the good example you leave for their inheritance.

Set your priorities straight while you still have the ability to do so, but even now you will need the assistance of the Holy Spirit to clearly discern what you still do not understand for your minds have not yet been perfected.

All that is expected of My dear children is that they seek their happiness and peace of heart only in Me.

Everything will thus fall into place, its proper order when I am in the first place in your everyday lives, take the time to search quietly, especially in My Sacramental presence, see into your heart to see if indeed I am in the first place.

Never fear the coming chastisements, your trust is needed always for without your trust in Me, I will not be able to use you as I desire, for in fear you will not be free to serve Me.

My saving grace will be poured out upon many in these times of chaos for the world will be seeking answers which the Evil One will most readily supply but it will be all lies.

This is when you will be needed to bring My Truth to a nation that has not yet known My love for each and every one of them.

You who have long been with Me, you are the ones who have given Me your fiat and have changed the direction for your lives, willing now to live in the light instead of darkness, you now are doing My Will and not living only for yourselves.

You may occasionally fall back into former ways but you will never be defeated, never will you be discouraged and each time you will more quickly recover from your fall.

I have placed My confidence in you for My grace is being lavishly poured out for the needs of many and the victory will ultimately by Mine.


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