Friday, September 19, 2014



My words to you are Spirit and life, those who will devour them will be lifted up, fortified and empowered by them.

Every word of Sacred Scripture is Truth and it is because the world has not accepted the written Word that harm has come to it.

Very few truly love Me, their hearts being divided they have not realized that whatever displeases Me is a lie, Truth pleases Me and whatever is not Truth is a lie.

There are gifts that I want to give to you and it is for this reason that I have allowed you to fall, it is in order that you would repent and once again seek Me, for My Mercy and forgiveness.    

I desire that each new day you would be eager for the Truth and that you would live in Me so that I may walk with you through your daily life.

Only in humility will I be found, come to Me in this way and wait quietly for the Spirit of Truth to awaken the words of Scripture which I've written in your hearts.

Resist the allure of the world, detach from all that does not glorify your God and which may be driving you further and further away from Me, I hunger for your love.

Do not persist in thinking that tomorrow you will pursue holiness but today your good works are not required of you, thinking that you still have time to do your own thing.

What has clouded your intellect, awake all your senses that have been lulled into a stupor, for I am near.   I know your every thought and actions, your words and desires.

This world is brimming over with lies, so much falsehood in a world that was created for Truth and love, has the world not believed in My Word?

Ask Me today to reveal and help you to understand the Scripture readings, My desire is that you see with new eyes which will bring you great joy in the discernment.

May I see your gratitude and humility for this new day in which to deepen your conversion, that My Truth may abide in you more fully.

Pray more, the Blessed Mother was given to all creation at the foot of the Cross, She loves you and wants to have you join Me and all of Heaven forever in eternity.

Take and devour My Word, there you will discover everything that you need to know to live the life that you were created to live, not many of you are living this life.

There is a room in your heart where I have not been given admittance to and the key remains in the word that I have hidden there for you to discover, I am waiting for you to surrender this part of your heart.


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