Friday, July 18, 2014



The world is full of the pride of man, with man’s inclination towards what is evil, he chooses to do his own desires over My higher good.

Man may desire in his heart towards Me, but in the end follows what he perceives as being pleasurable, base in his appetite to enjoy life.

In not choosing the higher good, he who now is needing more grace, having chosen that to which grace has not been allotted, finds himself not capable of overcoming even greater temptation that now presents itself.

But there is a new starting point daily, tell Me you’re sorry, for the one who is trusting in an all loving and merciful God, finds all he is truly seeking in forgiveness and strength.

I am not an angry God as some have labeled Me, I am never changing, I am a God of justice and order which sometimes means chastisement and consequences to the evil that man perpetrates upon the earth.

I desire that My faithful ones hear Me now for their good and the good of others whom they may serve, especially their families, deny yourselves, I am calling you to sacrifice while you are still able to in your freedom to do so.

When the sun has become darkened and the moon no longer shines, then will you be My shining lights, radiating My love in a loveless world gone dead to humility seeped in pride.

You may not have access to what you freely enjoy today, for tomorrow holds unexpected difficulties that are far from your imaginings this day.

Each Eucharist must be cherished as your last, and must be received with utmost reverence, each child, each person is so precious to Me and especially the infirm, I will hold each of you responsible for caring and serving as you would your God.

Choose the higher good, each day you will make many choices, choose the higher good, even though you would prefer instinctively to follow your baser nature.

All that you perceive as your own, your body and senses, are gifts from the Almighty God use them as such, they belong therefore to Me, I give you the freedom to choose and give you every help that you make the right one.

It gives Me the greatest joy to bless you when you deny yourself and choose to honour the other person as better than yourself.

When you are in Communion with Me, there is nothing that you cannot bring to My attention, even the smallest issues, if you care about it I care about it to.


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