Thursday, July 10, 2014


My Father sees My Holy Face reflected in you, He already sees His Kingdom come and His Will being done in Heaven and upon earth, for He sees the future as if it were today.

He also sees you in Me and awaits the coming of the era of Peace, where brothers and sisters will truly love one another and all the earth be renewed.

But for now there will be divisions and people with selfish ambitions, thinking only of themselves, striving more and more for pursuits that will not bring them happiness.

They are all seeking what they perceive as love and peace, feeling that they are enjoying freedom, but they are very much enslaved by their depravity and lusts.

Only in God will your trust be guaranteed, only in doing His Will, will there be true peace of heart and tranquility.

Your Faith will be tested severely as they who do not have the Spirit will persecute you, but do not be afraid, I am the God who saves.

Entrust your mind, heart and all your being to Me, whenever the least thought of doubt or worry enters your mind.

Do not accept or entertain interior words that cause you to be disturbed, seek counsel when they persist, the Holy Spirit is always with you in times of trouble.

You have been given a time of Grace, so critical and yet so advantageous, seek to grow in holiness, I am working with you closely at this time in your lives, be compliant and docile, staying ever so close to the Blessed Mother.

Are you aware that you have been crucified with Me, not once but every time you attend Mass and receive Me in the Eucharist, I thus remain in you and empower My Will to be done in you, thus the whole world benefits from it.

I have given each of you free will, but because of your sin nature, a blindness has made you prone to choosing your own will and not Mine in oblivion.

My people time is short and Satan feels secure in having made great gains even in My Church, which must win back Souls for the Kingdom, by means of Evangelization and Conversion while there is still time.

Each of you has been given a mission to complete, and it will not be completely known to you until eternity, no other person has been given the same gifts or talents, as individual and unique as I formed you.

As you conform to My lead, I will speak to you as only you understand, ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten you in regard to the messages and Gospel readings they will direct you.


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