Thursday, July 3, 2014



You are My Creation and as I created all things very good, I value you above all nature even above the Angelic realm.

They do not embody My very self as you who have been given the greatest privilege to do so, as you eat My Body and drink My Blood in the Holy Sacrament of the Altar.

The Angels serve Me and have been given many gifts, they also serve you who have been made in My Image, that is with intellect and free will.

You are precious to Me, loved beyond all measure, for as My Creation you are destined to reign with Me in the Heavens for all eternity.

If you will allow Me to enlighten you, now as you offer yourself to Me, I unite your offering with My Sacrifice being offered on the Altar to the Father for the Salvation of Souls.

Yes, you truly receive Me, but I also receive you and I desire that you live the Resurrected life of grace, as you continually give affirmation to My dwelling in you.

Each minute, each word, each action is directed to living in conjunction with Heaven, living in a way that far exceeds your life’s plan for yourself.

Naturally you will have falls, but never will you be discouraged for I am there to quickly pick you up, so that once again we may regain our life of peace and joy together.

Your time in prayer and meditation, becomes alive with possibility, you are eager to converse with Me, for I challenge and stretch you in the work to be done in the world.

Unless you have Me as your ultimate goal, you will not find satisfaction and you will assume a restless life, as the materialistic world consumes you.

Persistent prayer eventually brings you to the point of surrender and acceptance of this fact of futility, that nothing else really matters.

It will be to your gain to invoke the aid of the Holy Spirit sooner than later, why delay even for a short time, for the sake of earthly pleasure, that which does not benefit eternity.

Begin now to allow a sense of gratitude to well up within your heart, praise Me your Creator, ask that I show you your shortcomings that you may in humility ask pardon.

Here and now enjoy a taste of My goodness and Mercy and give to others the love I have shown you, for it is My pleasure to fill you with the hope that is yours for all eternity.

May I say to you at the end of your days, I welcome you My good and faithful servant enter into your reward, the home of My Father.


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