Thursday, June 26, 2014



Come momentarily into the sanctuary of My love, a place of solitude and rest for your spirit, a place of peace for your Soul, for the world is full of discord and turmoil.

I alone understand, more than you do exactly who you are, I am sending you My Spirit to teach you Who I am and what you are, that the Truth may be in you.

Because of your fallen nature, you cannot clearly judge yourself as you ought, that is with  My eyes of love.

My love for you will sometimes allow suffering in your life to bring about the desired virtue and growth, that is a life that would otherwise be lived in vulnerability.

Always accept whatever comes into your life as from My hand, in this way the graces and strengths that I have planned for your greater good may be realized.

I am love itself, and everything I do is to increase love in you, I unite your sufferings and trials with My Cross.

There is no greater gift that I could ever give to the world than Myself in the Holy Eucharist, here we are one, thus we are united in the One Body.

As you pray the prayer I taught you the “Our Father” remember how I reveal this oneness to you and meditate upon the words that are so momentous.

Think of yourself as we instead of I because you are all brothers and sisters of My family.

I am the Rock of your Salvation, take a handful of sand, look closely at the many colours and shapes, sizes, textures etc. Is nature not alerting you to a greater Truth here?

Love is calling you to a greater sense of unity among fellow believers, there are many who do not have this desire to begin here and now to live in Kingdom ways.

I call you to live real life in Me, it is the opposite to what is being propagated in the world today, selfishness, greed, self-reliance, and a greater accumulation of money.

They seek happiness but end in having to seek more and more with less of what they are truly looking for in the fulfillment of their lives.

There is much to be said as Truth is being attacked and you must stand firm upon the Salvation that is yours in all that is being taught in the Church, it is your safeguard.

There is so much more that I could at this time relate to you, but what is going to be meaningful to you will be My revealing personally in our quiet time together, who you are in My eyes.


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