Wednesday, June 4, 2014



Do not be dismayed by all that is happening around you, the outrage of sin or the failing morality of the world in which you are currently living.

My Church which is now seeing more and more apostasy will revive and the good people will as never before enjoy peace and freedom of Faith, but not yet, there is much to be accomplished before this will happen.

You may at times feel alone in your struggles for spiritual growth, it may seem a waste of time praying for and encouraging people who refuse to listen to you.

But I have promised you victory if you would persevere in Faith with Me, do not be overly concerned regarding the conversion of your loved ones, for you may see Satan’s efforts increase towards them.

It is because you are Mine and are very valuable to Me at this time in the salvation of souls, some that he has claimed already, that his army is dispersed with greater intensity.

You will be speaking My words to those who will inadvertently find their way to you, for I am presently ahead of time preparing their spirit to receive the words of Salvation.

Many are walking about with attitudes of hopelessness and disparagement because of the lives filled with guilt and regrets.

If you will allow Me, I will through your help, give them the ability to receive hope and to see a way to overcome the defeat they now endure.

Families will find forgiveness and be reunited, children of divided homes who have been raised in anger will enjoy peace and stability.

There is a great need for hope to be established where hope has been abandoned, there is where I will send you, if you allow Me to take care of your needs so you can care for Mine.

You are needing to ask for the Holy Spirit’s gifts, your understanding and knowledge for the things of Heaven are wanting.

There are many faithful people in the world, you will not be aware of the unity that is in the workings of My Victorious plan, but be assured of its success.

As the illumination is now in progress, those who are sensitive to the Spirit’s promptings are presently enjoying blessing and instruction, to reach the unreachable.

My Glory is coming, the darker the world, the brighter will My light shine in you My faithful ones who are seeking My eminent return.


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